06 june Grand Canyon (USA)

We didn't expect what we found at the Grand Canyon.
Once at the park, we immediately notice that the information we have is not very reliable and very superficial. Panic. Me and Nick quickly organize the whole day.
The Grand Canyon is a natural wonder unique. The crevices of rocks
show the life of our planet since the dawn of time....
It 's awesome. With one glance you can not grasp the whole use wholeness and grandeur.

The two treks along the brink of the canyon were amazing.
Sometimes I stopped, in silence, admiring those precipices without perspective in which the blue of the Colorado River, which still continues to dig the rock, almost clashes with the red that dominates the landscape.
I stopped to breathe the wind, feel the beat of our Mother Nature and to admire it in all its intimacy.


07 june Powell Lake (USA)

Horseshoe Bend is a bend in the Colorado River and has the shape of a horseshoe.
Lying on my stomach on the brink of the precipice I admired the majestic cliffs that towered up from the bowels of the earth high in the sky.

Antelope Canyon. Last Navajo Reserve.
Inside I seemed to be in a snail.
It 's a very ancient canyons that allows you to experience it inside directly from its soul.
A path cut through the rocks by wind and flooding has created a very characteristic passage, and when the sunlight can filter it is always spectacular.

Lake Powell is an artificial lake formed by the waters of the Colorado River... It took 17 years to create this latest marvel.
I say that it's a wonder beacuse in a desert area a mirror of water becomes precious.
But above all because thanks to Glenn Canyon Dam they provide electricity to the whole state of Utah.
Me and someone else also decide to visit this large dam, but we do not feel particularly affected. Come on, we leave for Hatch.

08 june Hatch (USA)

Hatch has kept all the charm of the western. If instead of parking our cars in the delightful motel that has hosted us for the night we would have left our horses to rest it wouldn't have been out of tune with the background.

Bryce Canyon National Park is famous for its hoodos which are rock formations that rise toward the sky and ending with a rock on the tip.

A path that from one spot of 8000 feet (Sunrise point) drops down through canyons and dry paths.

It was hot and get on and off for almost 5 km was quite difficult ...

We soon depart to Las Vegas.


09 june Las Vegas (USA)

Las Vegas is a unique city.
Born in the heart of the desert, an American Dubai made of lights, sounds, fictions and money.

Getting married here has a different sense, is how to shop! The funny thing here is that a marriage is legal 100% in Italy and elsewhere, and becomes sad when you read the great advertising for lawyers to discount, perhaps contrary practices are too easy as well.

We continue along the Strip, the long way of entertainment very well known by the so-called "red eyes", the hardcore players, who often remain in their underwears!

We have dinner at the Luxor casino with a great buffet!

Finally, our tour begins. We cross all the various hotel/casino with their lights and attractions which make this city so alive! We walk along "New York New York, Bellagio, Venetian, Palazzo, Luxor, Mirage," etc.

We try to play roulette at casino Venetian, but too expensive for us (25 $ per shot!)
We end up at Circus Circus!
A few later some of us are behind the green table!
It's 2 a.m. and we are dead tired. I play very little and after 5 minutes I've already won $ 28.
The following day I find out that Davide had dug out all about winning $ 600!

I confess that the air we breathe there left me very puzzled!

Sad people sitting in front of a monitor accompanied by a drink or a cigarette, pressing a button and dreaming of a fortune that almost never comes!

I admit that even though not being a gambler, inside there, it becomes so easy to get caught...




10 june Bishop (USA)

At eight o'clock in the morning we are ready to restart.
The big neon lights do not shine more, there are no Hispanics at every street corner with advertising cards that fill you with a thousand naked women offering themselves for sex, there is not the river of people flowing along the Strip ...
Another night has gone, thousands and thousands of dollars are passed from hand to hand ...
So many people have enjoyed, many more despaired, someone has changed his life, but now all is quiet ...
No fear: a few hours all over again start!

Death Valley. Never no name was more appropriate.
The closer you get, the more the temperature rises ...

We begin our tour by Zabrinskie Point, a hill from which there is the "usual" incredible show. A dry flat, a plain of death.
I wonder how to succeed, many years ago, to overcome these places with the caravans pulled by horses and without the hi-tech equipment of today.

Badwater Basin, a depression about 86 meters below sea level. There is a carpet of salt and the thermometer on my clock stops at 44.8 °.
We are out of breath and sweating profusely.

In the evening we arrive in Bishop. We're in California!

Moments of tension when we get the info that the East entrance to Yosemite (Tioga Pass) is closed due to snow. We look for alternatives that will lead us closer to our goal.
We work hard to change the initial programs. At the end we decided to relax a bit with a drink in a bar of the place called McManara!



11 june Merced (USA)

As we feared Sierra Nevada has denied her access and when Mother Nature takes sides against us we can not do anything but obey.

This detour cost us about 8 hours drive more, the U.S. is really huge!
The landscape of California, however, is so varied and unexpected that this particular change of plans became a source of new discoveries.

We decide to stop at Bodie, a ghost town abandoned that developed early last century when some hunters had found a few nuggets of gold ...

The village has been preserved in perfect condition as when it was abandoned. It was surreal walking through the old wooden barracks ...

I can't imagine that until a few years ago there were caravans, bandits, bounty hunters, saloon ...

So the Wild West really existed?



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