12 june Fresno (USA)

The landscape changes completely. Weare on the mountain!
It goes up and up, and evergreen trees rise up, streams, waterfalls begin to appear everywhere ... Finally we are in Yosemite National Park!
We stop in different spots to try and steal some photos with our cameras, at least we try!

We walk a few miles through the wood, afraid of bears and cougars and see some waterfall or viewpoint ...
The vegetation is so thick that you can't even watch the blue sky. It completely envelops you.

Unfortunately there are so many things to see and so little time to enjoy the landscapes and silence as we might wish.

Late afternoon we arrive at the Mariposa Grove, forest famous for its ancient redwood. There are some 2700 years old!

We feel like ants in the presence of these giants of nature.



13 june Los Angeles (USA)

A very special city!
From the highway you start to read the directions of the places you have always known: Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Melrose, Rodeo Drive ...
You enter the city and thousands of lights, advertising signs gleaming rivers and flows of people run everywhere.
You see the strangest things: there was a guy with an old wig on his head who sat at a table reading a newspaper at McDonald's with an inflatable doll at his side all rigged.
The city tour starts from a vantage point from which one could admire the famous inscription: "Hollywood" on the hill. We are sustained by Susan, a gossip woman who tells us everywhere: "here, where Brad Pitt was discovered by a talent scout while working as a seller of barbecued chickens, here where Paris Hilton was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol."

Beverly Hills
We enter this quiet neighborhood with trees and you seem to be in a movie.
The first thing that comes to mind is the namesake of our youth TV show with Brendon and Brenda, but actually it is a fake film as it was filmed in Pasadena, not far from here.
What is true, real and tangible are the villas of many American stars.
The villa overlooks the valley with a lot of Spielberg's helicopter pad ... The rest is a series of villas hyper protected and guarded from the outside seem abandoned.
"Here lives Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Aniston here, here Brad Pitt, George Clooney, here... Tommy Hilfiger" almost makes me smile to see that Britney Spears lives in front of Justin Timberlake and Madonna and images: the coffee has ended, ask at the neighbor!

We stop a little at Rodeo Drive, the famous shopping district to end up in Melrose today more alive than usual 'cos of the gay pride!
We arrive at the Kodak Theatre, famous because there is delivery of the Oscars ... but beware! What is that crowd over there? A passer-by disinterested tell me that there is only Jim Carey who is presenting his latest film and after a while there he is in a green jacket from the flashbulbs of the photographers a few feet from us!
By underground we reach the Universal Studio.
We have seen many films that began with that famous logo!
The interior is a world apart, we get lost in the streets of Universal Village between street artists and colored lights.

The evening ends along the "Walk of Fame", the one of the stars on the sidewalk and the casts of the hands of Hollywood stars.

14 june Santa Barbara (USA)

We decide to spend the whole morning at California's famous beaches, from Baywatch to Venice, to Santa Monica till Malibu.
Maybe because the weather is not great, or 'cos it's Monday morning or the waves are not too wild, but there is no trace of the beach that I imagined ...

No problem. We depart to the delicious Santa Barbara and in the meantime here we have the sun.
A colorful harbor, an avenue full of shops and young people welcomes us!

[Stefania Scivoletto of Capua]: "If you hug the wall of a canyon you feel the breathe, if you look along the fissures of the mountains you see the Indians, you hear them howling and the dust that is visible in the distance is definitely one of their horses that run free, if you move a few miles you can see Brad Pitt meets Thelma & Louise in a fast food restaurant before the two will launch from Death Horse Point. And beep beep? Runs with our car chased by Wile Coyote.Yogi bear next to Bambi, Chip and Dale playing between our feet ... Everybody are here. And it happens thatyou do not need the imagination anymore because there's Jim Carrey that greets across the road and walking you get home of Brad Pitt."



"Travelling is constantly changing, is the metamorphosis of the caterpillar that goes every day to gnaw the usual cabbage and then ... magically turns and flies away as a butterfly ... and goes on trails and wonderful country and wherever located, wherever located Travelling people and not people ... you glad the soul and takes you back to ancient person, pilgrim traveler on the road of life to ignore. "


15 june San Francisco (USA)

That's the America that I expected in San Francisco.
A huge city full of malls, all kinds of people in the street, gang of black rappers, homeless every 50 meters, obese with large walkfatty sandwiches, preachers ...

Here we spend two days trying to see, as loose dog, as much as possible of this great California city.
Fisherman's Wharf with its crowd of tourists, its crabs and seafood restaurants, Chinatown and its Chinese community, I have often had the impression of driving in Hong Kong, Union Square, the heart of the city, the place where you focus luxury hotels, department stores, boutiques and shops of various kinds and the terminus of the Cable Car, a show not to be missed; Castro, the center of gay culture in San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, with its massive pillars orange, surely the symbol of the city. Walking along the entire length of 2.7 km is really exciting to see first hand the colossal steps and enjoy the view of the city.




16 june San Francisco (USA)

From Pier 33 we embark on the interesting visit to the prison of Alcatraz.

For 30 years it was the toughest prison in the United States, among the guests there was even more famous Al Capone. The visit was well organized thanks to the help of audio guides that can enhance even more a place so special.

The island that houses the prison lies just two kilometers from the mainland and except for an escape history has always been considered impregnable.




17 june San Francisco (USA)

In the waiting room of the international airport of San Francisco I try to reorder some ideas looking back on this wonderful adventure that draws to an end.
My stomach grumbles a little bit and it reminds me that I've exagerated with the sweets and fried things during these American days...
meanwhile I board... The Big Apple is waiting for us!
If boarding in San Francisco I had been told what happened shortly thereafter, after a loud laugh, I would not have believed!
But: traveling is this too! Unexpected in a pure state!

The flight of Delta Airlines takes off on time. We comment disappointed the lack of cathering even if it's a of 5 hours flight, which coincides with time for lunch as well.
Everything goes smoothly for the first four hours, we chat, we joke, we play trivial pursuit from place to place by monitoring the route always described by our aircraft when suddenly we notice something strange. The estimated landing time begins to increase for no reason, the straight line connecting San Francisco to New York begins to change.
Our plane began a series of circuits to 360 degrees and once the situation becomes clear.

We land after a couple of hours waiting circuit in Norfolk, Virginia. The stewards are trying to bending over backwards to appease the wrath of passengers. They become the scapegoat of this whole mess. The pilot mumbles something but is unconvincing.
We take off again about three hours later but our flight to Milan, but is now lost.

18 june New York (USA)

We learn that in the afternoon there was a thunderstorm that had paralyzed the entire JFK airport. It's strange because it's all dry oustide!
The terminals are full of angry people who sleep lying on the ground resigned.
We landed 5 hours and half late.
We try to reassure us, surely they will re-route us with the first available flight, maybe tomorrow!
"Today there are no flights available for the whole of Europe" - the ground assistant of the Delta thunders. "Ok, it means that we will wait until morning," we trust. Then the sentence: "The first flight is in two days and a half "!

We try to stay calm and between phone calls and emails we try to change all work situations that awaited us in Italy.

It's two in the morning when, after wandering for hours through all terminals of JFK, we support our weary bones on the floor.
But the odyssey was only just beginning.

At 5.20 am the episode of the "search for lost bags" starts.
Hours and hours of waiting, bouncing from one desk to another until we decide to give up to 12.30, we book a motel and head to the eccentric New York.

Taxis and here we are before the headquarters of Apple's near Central Park.
The rest of the day is the constant feeling of living in a movie: 5th Avenure, Brooklyn Bridge, the neighborhoods of Harlem, the Bronx, Queens, Broadway, Madison Square, the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and special meetings like the one with Willy Smith and Tommy Lee Jones turned Man in Black III is not far from Ground Zero.
New York: exaggerated!


19 june New York (USA)

No news of our luggage. We find them only at Malpensa.
This unexpected visit to New York was the icing on a already delicious cake.

Thanks United States Of America


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