02 june Atlanta (USA)

Landing in the U.S. for the first time has been quite weird for me...

Atlanta, the capital of the small state of Georgia, a place from which all Americans who have worked with me in Kabul came from ...
I was very impressed when, after landing, the stewardess, in giving us the welcome in Georgia, added that we had flown with two VIPs on board, two Air Force guys, guys like us, and thanked them on behalf of all for themilitary service they are givinig for the nation.


03 june Moab (USA)

From the snowy peaks of Colorado, we are not far from the famous Aspen, we got up to 3000 meters during the long journey that has brought us to Utah.

The funny thing is that we were all in flip flops and tank top while around us there were only piles of snow just wiped ...
United States never cease to amaze us.
Just a bit later we were already in the rocky desert of the "Arches National Park."

We have come a long way (Devils Garden Trail) to its tip (Landscape Arch).
It's superfluous and it will be for the entire trip to describe or recount all the wonderful views and enjoy the various visits, all the various expressions of Mother Nature!

Balanced Rock, a huge rock in the balance, it has reminded us of all of the legendary cartoon character Willy the coyote and his faithful "enemy" Beep-Beep.
We leave. Destination: Moab.
This small town, once famous for the rich uranium deposits, now plays the secondary role of "caravan" for the many visitors to the parks in the area.

We sleep in "Gramma House", an entire classic American home with yard, BBQ pit and post-box like the movie.

04 june Bluff (USA)

After a brief breakfast in a typical American distributor of fuel we reach the "Dead Horse Point," famous by the end of the film "Thelma & Louise" or "Mission Impossible II."

Large rocks interspersed with large desert areas, long tongues of asphalt that die out towards the infinite ...

The spectacular "Monument Valley" has suddenly thrown into the set of a film by Sergio Leone. My traveling mates started to turn in John Wayne or Butch Cassidy, while entering the valley, the cars seemed unruly horses and often happened to meet real Navajo Indian.
These are one of the last uncontacted tribes that still exist a little as it happened to Maori in New Zealand, they are placed on the margins of society.
Too bad!
They should absolutely protect these populations with their ancient and old traditions, customs and languages.

Monument Valley is stunning.
If you saw some western movies you seem to know fro ages!
Spellbound when I let my imagination run wild, Indian tribes began to suddenly materialize in front of a campfire and my astonished eyes ...
I saw wild horses run free, whole herds are controlled by the classic cowboy hat and a rifle in hand ... ready huts of Indians, arrows, guns, wagons, saloons, red soil ...

The evening ends in the small town of Mexican Hat, enjoying a T-Bone meat at the Swinging Steak.


05 june Flagstaff (USA)


Canyon de Chelly is a Navajo Indian reservation.
We continue stopping often along the various spots to admire the many landscapes that this canyon is able to offer us.

"Spider Rock" is a great point from which there is a very impressive sight. At its core there is a rock formation shaped like a large needle, seems to lack any perspective ... I can not distinguish where the sky ends, where the mountain, the surrounding hills, everything is transformed according to the observation point.

Very intense and a bittiring for some, the trek took us from White House Ruins to White House Windows, a couple of hours with the 36 degrees steep...

I love walking in nature, in whatever form it represents.

In the evening we reach Flagstaff, famous because here the legendary Route 66 passes and for its legendary railway trains formed by dozens and dozens of convoys !




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