12 october Allahabad (INDIA)

19° day

By rickshaw reach the Sangam, the point at which the most sacred rivers of India (the Ganges and Yuna) meet one of the mythological river of Hinduism: the Saraswati.

This place  is truly full of spirituality. The pilgrims formed the procession, the women danced, they waved red flags while the men played drums and sitar.

"Keep your thoughts positive
Because your thoughts become words
Keep your words positive
Because your words become your behaviors
Keep your behaviors positive
Because your behaviors become your habits
Keep your habits positive
Because your habits become your values
Keep your values ​​positive
Because your values ​​become your destiny. "

- Mahatma Gandhi -

13 october Khajuraho (INDIA)

Khajuraho is a small center in the hinterland famous for its sacred temples  carved with erotic scenes.

14 october Jhansi (INDIA)

Our trip goes on really well, now we are completely used to this new situation of  travelers. The backpack  weighs always less and it is always easier to organize it, searching for a place to sleep or to eat, or a means of transport to get to our next stop is our daily bread.

15 october Agra (INDIA)

My eyes are filled, impressed, enchanted by the perfect beauty of one of the wonders of the modern world: the Taj Mahal.
How many times we have seen it in photo shoots, films, documentaries ... here it is in front of us, like a lion, after a night of hunting, resting and relaxing in the sun proudly ...

 Taj Mahal is simply a majestic tomb built in 1600 but I want to see it  as Stephanie defines it: "a gift of love", a tribute to his beloved love  by a King who cries for her death .
Rabindranath Tagore described it as "a teardrop on the cheek of eternity", Rudyard Kipling as "the embodiment of purity," while his patron, the emperor Shah Jahan said that it made  "shed tears in the eyes of the sun and moon."

[Stefy]: The closer I got, the more I remained fascinated, I wanted to see all the little details ...

16 october Agra (INDIA)

When you can wake up without an alarm clock, have breakfast on the terrace of your romantic inn that, just out of chance, it  is the best view point of the city, take a stroll among the stalls in total relax in the local bazaar and then eat a thali between locals   you're really on the go!

"We must become the change we want to see."
- Mahatma Gandhi -


17 october Jaipur (INDIA)

It takes us about four hours to reach the capital of Rajasthan, this legendary region that so fascinates us.

[Stefy]: We are guests of Pushpendra and his family consisting of father, mother, brothers, sisters and many people passing by, takes a chai, has a chat, maybe watch a bit of Indian soap operas and goes away. 

We share the  room with a girl from Los Angeles who is here for a few months to work, she creates jewelry!

Here we found peace and tranquility. We are surrounded by magnificent temples, the most beautiful of which is the "Jhagat Siromani", right in front of "our" house.

"A man is rich in proportion to the things you can do without."
- Mahatma Gandhi -





18 october Jaipur (INDIA)

[Stefy]: With ten rupees per head, by bus, we reach the center of Jaipur, at Hawa Mahal.

From the minaret of Iswari Swargasal we enjoy the view of the "pink city", so the city is in fact defined by the color of old buildings in its old city.

"What we do
is only a drop in the ocean.
but if it were not for that drop
miss the ocean. "

- Mother Teresa of Calcutta -


19 october Delhi (INDIA)

26° day

It's 3.30 am when the alarm clock sounds.
Outside it is pitch dark.

We cover by tuk tuk the 12 km that separate  Amer from the railway station of Jaipur.

Jaipur by night shows us another side, so far from the glitz of the pink buildings  we have seen, her people rests wrapped like mummies in white sheets in the street, on sidewalks, on the rickshaw, inside the tuk tuk or taxis. That show made ​​you clearly understand that these people had nothing.

The train begins to slow down, we entered the outskirts of Delhi!
I stand by my bunk and before my eyes flow the images of daily life in the slums: children playing among the garbage men and women who walk resigned ...

We  finally arrive at Old Delhi and from our taxi we see a preview of the urban beauty, we are immediately struck by the stark contrast between rich and poor.

Capital  particularly fascinate me, perhaps because it is like if I have known them since forever!

Monaliza is our contact in Delhi. She is no nice and funny and we felt at ease from the first moment.

[Monaliza Ramani from Delhi, INDIA]: "I already feel like family being with you guys. I have never felt so close to anyone in Such a short time before. There are some people you meet in life and wonder if there was a previous connection. This Strengthen my belief in re-incarnation. Somewhere, Somehow we had a connection and now I'm so glad to have met you again in this life. Love you guys. "


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