"When you have felled the last tree, when you catch the last fish, when you have polluted the last river, then you will notice that you can not eat money."

- Indian proverb -

"The more one is empty and the more you love emerge as a container full of nothing, that float on the water surface."

- Mahatma Gandhi -

04 november Bombay (INDIA)

42° day

At last we are in the legendary in Mumbai, formerly Bombay.
A little tired after 18 hours by train ... but we made it!
In this huge city  we are guests of a couple of artists, our age: Aparna and Abi.

Bombay has always fascinated me ... I don't know why ... maybe it's for its gigantic slums, the notorious "slumdog" or for its twenty million inhabitants ...


05 november Bombay (INDIA)

When I shyly asked our friends from Bombay, hometown of Bollywood, to see a Bollywood movie, I meant to go to the cinema, not, as it happened shortly afterwards, to find ourselves on the set with the famous: Nasiruddin Shah and Vidya Balan while they were shooting  the last scene of: "The dirty picture."

What a strange feeling to see the advertisements around Bombay of the movie...

06 november Bombay (INDIA)

We arrive by train to the famous "Victoria Station", also famous in the film: "The Billionaire" but mainly because it is considered the largest and busiest train station in Asia!

Not far away there is a large green playing field where so many men dressed in pure white are moving frantically: it  is a cricket field, Indian national sport!
We remain a bit to observe them before jumping on an old colonial taxi direct to the "Mani Bhavan"!
Mahatma Gandhi lived here from 1917 to 1934 and from there he began his great revolt backed by the philosophy of "nonviolence".
What a strange feeling to think that on those same tiles had walked this little big man!
Now this building has been transformed into a kind of museum that  keeps his memory alive.

"Haji Ali Mosque", mosque dedicated to a Muslim saint who died during a pilgrimage to Mecca, whose body was later found, transported by the ocean currents, in the place where now stands this majestic mosque.
You get here after a long avenue where instead of streetlights you saw many beggars that  touched my heart.

"Dhobi Ghat". It is said that: "if you bring to  wash your clothes in Bombay, probably they  have  brought it there."

08 november Anjuna (INDIA)

While we were waiting for our night bus that will take us in the region of Goa, further south, we try to define our next destination.
The idea of having changed destination four times without knowing where to go to sleep or how long to stay there almost excited us...

Paola Pedrini wrote, referring to Varanasi: "India is a punch in the stomach." This is precisely the feeling that I had known in those days ... now I already feel a different person.

09 november Anjuna (INDIA)

We're in Goa! We will spend several days here dedicated to the most complete and healthy relax!

We spend the morning between the stalls of the local flea market. I believe I have never seen so many freaks together in my entire life! They are from all over the world, every age and from many different aspects as well as picturesque!

A little bit later we were lying on two chairs in the sun and looking around I thought of Kathmandu when I said to myself that this experience would have been tough ...

Goa will refer back to the times of the great Portuguese navigators: Magellan, Vasco de Gama ...
The names were those of that time, the rooms here are named Souza, Aguiar, Lopez, Pereira ...
There are Christian churches in place of Hindu temples.



10 november Mandrèm (INDIA)

48° day

[Stefy]: "I write the diary and I think: I must not close my  eyes to daydream ... I just have to keep them wide open.

On our motorbike ... the air on our face, the sun that lights the way, no thought in my head, my heart full of happiness.
Driving along a road skirting huge palm trees, fields of banana and mango to come to paradise.

The beach of Mandrèm really left me speechless! An expanse of white sand, deserted, the sun caressed us as we played in the sea waves, we were literally kidnapped from this wild and magical place. "

"You and I are one: I can not hurt you without hurting me"

- Mahatma Gandhi -


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