11 november Anjuna (INDIA)

49° day

[Stefy]: "Goa: sea baths, sun, fish, relax ... yesterday we have been  on the beach all day long without thinking about anything ... no, there was actually a thought:  king fish or squid for dinner?"

13 november Hampi (INDIA)

[Stefy]: "The night journey by bus to Hampi from Anjuna was terrible. We have not slept because of the many stops and bumpy road.
At 6.30 am we reach Hampi with three nice Venetian girls known during the transfer. We have to wait a few hours that our room is ready, but in the meantime the owner of the Guest House informs us that his brother is getting married in the temple next to our accommodation. We could not lose this opportunity.
Quick shower and go.

In the Virupaksha Temple  I'm soon impressed by the colors of the saris of the women, their flowers in their hair and flashy earrings. We take lots of photos, there are many people coming from distant villages, and several of them had never seen a white man...

We have seen an arranged marriage and the sadness on the face of the young bride confirmed that. After enjoying a series of rituals with coconuts, bananas, flowers, incense and rice, we go nearby where there is a magical landscape. Surrounded by huge blocks of granite  held in perfect balance by some kind of magic. All around us there were these giants stone!

The Lonely Planet advises us to visit the "Monkey Temple", a temple perched on a hill.
We climbed the many steps while many monkeys were jumping playfully from rock to rock.
Finally on the top! A strange place. A guru is sitting happily on the sheets, another sings a mantra inside another small temple followed by many followers.

14 november Hampi (INDIA)

Every morning the 22 year old beautiful Lakshmi has a bath in the waters of the river Tungabhadra.
It's a rite much anticipated because Lakshmi is the elephant of the sacred temple of Virupaksha!

15 november Bengalore (INDIA)

On a bench in "Cubbon Park", the only green spot of this huge  Bengalore, we try to arrange the future steps of this amazing journey.

16 november Bengalore (INDIA)

54° day

[Stefy]: "The fatigue begins to be felt, it was about twenty hours that we didn't shut our eyes when our friend of Bengalore, the cute Anchal, brings us to a Couchsurfing meeting-party..."

17 november Bengalore (INDIA)

[Stefy]: "This morning we meet VJ at the flower market, he describes it as one of the hidden secrets of Bengalore ... suddenly  before our eyes appears an enchanting sight: thousands of colorful flowers of all kinds of scents while the merchants work tirelessly  as small ants ... "


18 november Mysore (INDIA)

In three hours by train we reach Mysore, a city in southern Karnataka  famous for the majestic "Palace of the Maharaja."

Lured by an astute (according to him)  dealer hit by my "good karma", we take a tour of the city visiting artisans who worked wood or incense or created the famous Indian cigarettes ...

The "Palace of the Maharaja,"  is considered the greatest of all India.
Beautiful paintings depicting the various public celebrations or outputs of the nobleman and the fascinating halls colored materialize the idea that one has about the classical ancient Indian princely palaces.


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