19 november Ooty (INDIA)

57° giorno di viaggio

[Stefy]: "Before leaving the bus we stop for a blessing. A holy man comes on board with a saucer full of flowers and incense  and then lights a small candle  passing near each passenger in order to let them  touch the flame ... after this ritual, we are ready to go!

Six hours later we arrive in Ooty. We are in the high mountains and it's quite cold! We walk several kilometers to find a place to sleep and with our heavy backpacks on our shoulders is quite difficult.

At the end  we manage to spend the whole afternoon walking around among its colorful markets, the romantic lake, the crowded bus station ... It's all very nice! "

20 november Coonoor (INDIA)

The air is chilly  and this place reminds me of Slovenia!
We are waiting for the nineteenth-century steam train, UNESCO, which will lead us to Coonoor an hour from here!

This train of another age is creeping up on the mountains through tea plantations and stretches of green everywhere.
Reached our destination, we walk around  aimlessly breathing the real India.

We encounter some "Sikh" school guys from Punjab, they were very curious and interested in these two strangers! We chatted a lot about our customs while they were trying to explain a bit of their religion.
They  have touched my heart when one of them slips off from his wrist a beautiful steel bracelet (called kara), an important Sikh symbol and hands it to me. I will keep it  with honor and pride.

23 november Alleppey (INDIA)

[Stefy]: "The warm water, the green coconut palm trees full of almost lying on white sand, plenty of crabs that run fast on the distant shore ... you can see colorful fishing pirogues, the waves, the cawing blackbirds and we, alone in miles and miles of beach ... "

24 november Alleppey (INDIA)

[Stefy]: "On a canoe along the backwaters of Alleppey ...
We sailed along the coast so you can see from the daily life of local women washing clothes or dishes, men who plunged into soapy water to wash ...

We decide to take a bath  in the sea.
On the beach we meet a school class, and while Mark is playing football with the boys, I'm going to dance and joke with the girls in the water. "

27 november Alleppey (INDIA)

65° day

Shopping day to buy a dress for our friend's wedding in Madras.
After many unsuccessful attempts in many shops, we decided to go to a tailo ... what fun!


29 november Madras (INDIA)

Our contact in Madras is the nice Kiruba and his sweet family.

[Stefy]: "When we woke up there was only the tender Kasturi, Kiruba's mother. Everybody were at work or school. After preparing a great chai, I took the opportunity to learn some Indian recipe!

Madras is the home of Kollywood, it takes its name from Kodambakkam, the area where all the studios are located. Here, as in Bombay, cinema is a must and we certainly could not skip this event!
A long epic, a mix of acrobatics, ballet, special effects and super heroes that face each others!

30 november Madras (INDIA)

Today is the big day for our friend Radhika. An Indian wedding is an event consisting of an infinite series of rituals that we Westerners will never understand but at the same time so fascinating ...

04 december Kolkata (INDIA)

72° day

[Stefy]: "In India it's often  happened to me to feel lower than them and most of the time I thought it was my a third world country and not their own. How much stupidity there is in our lives, these two months have taught me so much,  all the people I met, one by one, old, children, poor, wealthy, grandmothers, drivers, lawyers, maids, street vendors ...
If you can really live it: India can change you.

Just the other day we watched the "City of Joy" and today, finding ourselves in its streets, with its people, seeing the "horse men" with the bell in the hands carrying, for a few rupees, a tourist  on their rickshaw  with their bare legs ...  Today I was really moved when we got to visit the mission of Mother Teresa.

The tomb was in a room of white marble, some orange flower composed the phrase: "only with pure heart can see God."
I do not know what happened to me, but when I went in there I felt warmth all around, as if I was hugged and I started to cry like a baby.
Sometimes there are things  that you can not logically explain.

We met a really nice and sweet nun, we chatted with her for a while and told us many anecdotes of the saint's life ... 


Victoria Memorial. Beautiful outside as  thin and boring inside.


"Kind words are short and easy to speak but their echoes are eternal."

- Mother Teresa of Kolkata -


Howrah Bridge, at sunset, watching the Indians in prayer along the ghats ... Impressive. "

"I do not understand well enough how it is able to make a smile."

- Mother Teresa of Kolkata -

05 december Kolkata (INDIA)

[Stefy]: "Today we leave India.
Inside me I feel a sense of melancholy. I did not believe that a nation could steal your heart in this way. It is difficult to explain, I just think we must live it to understand it fully.
We learned a lot, we were taught to look with eyes more pure, without prejudice.
We are about to embark for Bangkok now... Follow us! "

भारत द्


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