17 december Nyaung U (MYANMAR)

It is Sunday morning here in Bagan!
After breakfast on the terrace of the Eden Hotel I relax on the balcony overlooking the main street, right in front of our room.

It is Sunday morning here in Bagan!
An old monk with yellow socks talks to another man his age, a cycle rickshaw passes carrying two children with a lollipop in the hand and I think it will definitely be the father that leads to walk their children in this free day, free also for him...

It is Sunday morning here in Bagan!
A seller of balloons hurries up to reach the market nearby. The restaurant with the sign "Myanmar food" has just opened the door and the owner is waiting for the first customers, two horse-drawn carts parked below our balcony are hoping for some tourists, a tractor carrying some farmer is inbound the market.

It is Sunday morning here in Bagan!
I look around, I breathe deeply and in my heart I thank God and Buddha for what we live every day!

18 december Nyaung U (MYANMAR)

[Stefy]: “ Old Bagan is a succession of magnificent temples. I particularly enjoyed the Manuha Paya, whose characteristic was  the great Buddha dressed in red. Within an absolute peace reigned ...

Almost by accident we witness the ceremony of initiation of young monks, we find ourselves in the midst of so many Burmese families excited about what is going to happen to their children, there are boys and girls of various ages, from three to ten years, dressed in their Sundays. The relatives all around us ask us to take pictures with their children or grandchildren. We talk with a father who tells us that the ceremony will continue with the cutting of hair and the dressing of the red tunic.

We watch all the children sitting on stools and old monks intent to shave their little heads, after that, all naked to be washed in large basins of water and then gather in front of a box where senior monks chanting a sort of mantra handed their little dresses by monks. "

20 december Yangoon (MYANMAR)

88° day

We're back after a whole night's travel, in Yangoon.

[Stefy]: “With two Italian university professors met in our Guesthouse" Motherland Inn", we discover the colorful and famous Bogyoke Market and then we go to drink at the famous Strand Hotel, the hotel that was once the haunt of international spies and famous writers and journalists.

Myanmar, wilderness, natural, real. Honest and sweet land of smiles".

But it's time to reach the airport and we have to board our Air Asia flight to Bangkok....


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