24 september Kathmandu (NEPAL)

1° day

The Airbus 330 by Etihad puts his cart on the soil of this ancient Himalayan kingdom ... We are in Nepal!

Getting in a place like this after so many hours of flight, no lights, only chaos, mud, potholes in the street, honking mad, rain hasn't been very funny.
Ishu, the Nepalese girl who, with her family,   will host us for a few days in this city, welcomes us warmly.

It 's late at night when, like two mummies, wrapped in our sleeping bags, we close our eyes and we await the new day.

25 september Kathmandu (NEPAL)

Thamel Square welcomes us with its narrow streets full of  people.

Durban Square gives an idea of what was this small kingdom has been in the past.
Many small shrines, pagodas, Hindu temples ... you had to simply close your eyes to get carried away by fantasy towards enchanted places ...


26 september Kathmandu (NEPAL)

Days begin to pass quickly and we become more and more part of this background. We are almost not bothered anymore from the horns of vehicles on the road, we are not surprised anymore if we walk in the mud or if a cow passes by.

The shrine of Pashupatinath impressed me. Hindus are people really "folk". They worship many   colorful Gods and they are happy with nothing.

I was very impressed by the sweet scene of a couple,  my age, after reciting many strange rituals, trained by a holy man with long dreadlocks and the classic  red "Tikal" forehead, collected all the remains of ritual in a large leaf, and with so much hope they let it go on the steep and dirty waters of the Bagmati river.

We saw, for the first time, a human body   burning on a ghat; it  has been quite strong.

It's really true the phrase "dust you are and dust you shall return."

Innocent children were diving in the dirty water of the river, a few tens of meters more out there getting ready for yet another cremation.

27 september Kathmandu (NEPAL)

Bodnath  has projected us back in time.
The huge white stupa at the center of the shrine dominated the scene.
All around a lot of bells of all shapes and sacred objects by pushing them to rotate clockwise with your hands.

Bhaktapur is one of many city-states of the Himalayas, once flourishing, now boasts the remains of its former glory .

Patan welcomes you with its majestic royal palace, its fascinating narrow streets, pagodas and statues of a thousand shapes, smells, fumes, devout believers.


[Stefy]: Swayambunath, a Buddhist temple overrun by monkeys.
From here you have a wonderful view over the city of Kathmandu.



28 september Chisapani (NEPAL)

[Stefy]: Writing the diary after a trek is  really "liberating".

Twelve km  of trails, climbs and descents.

Sometimes I looked ahead and thought, "no I'll never get to the top."

The short breath, the droplets of sweat  from the back, the muscles tense and we, step by step,  we left the kilometers behind to immerse ourselves more in the nature. The chirping of birds, butterflies  flying around you, even a group of buffalo that bars you  the way.



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