29 september Nagarkot (NEPAL)

[Stefy]: Our legs have held up the sixteen kms that separated Chisapani from Nagarkot.
I slept very little this night in our small, bare  guest house. There was 100% humidity, completely wet covered, broken windows, clogged bathroom ...

The alarm clock rings at 6.45 a.m. and after a chapati with honey  we are already on the go.
The first ten miles passed quickly enough, the road was nice and immersed in the nature,  we even had the chance  to hang our wet clothes on our backpacks to let them get dry.
In the late morning we stopped a little bit to eat and rest a while.

After about an hour from our re-start  suddenly  a heavy downpour comes, all soaked we continue undeterred, we reach our destination before it gets too dark.

30 september Sankhu (NEPAL)

Today it should be the easiest day as for the trek cosnidering that we have to walk only 5-6 kms but the heat and slippery paths  made us work hard enough!
It was very interesting to cross many small villages, step by step, observing their simple daily life.

Once in Sankhu, sweat soaked, we take a taxi back to Kathmandu and during the transfer we already started thinking about the three days just passed: the climbs, the drinking water from the water bottle, the rain, the mountain trails, the night in the tavern, the  landscapes, the "namaste" of curious children or  tired old men.


02 october Pokhara (NEPAL)

[Stefy]: At 6.30 am we depart, by  bus, to Pokhara.

Leaving the capital with its smog, its  sprawling traffic, its chaos, its  dirt doesn't displease us very much  after three days spent completely immersed in nature.

As we drove away the landscape completely changed .

An increasingly green   begins to dominate the scene, high mountains, streams, rivers, forests completed the background.

03 october Pokhara (NEPAL)

A year ago, from the heights of the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, we dominated the Luangwa River; hippos were walking not far from us, three impala were running frightened by a leopard, and we ... here we were.
A year later ... the candle that illuminates us is still the same but we are on the banks of Lake Phewa Tal, in Pokhara, at the feet of the Annapurna mountain range.

04 october Pokhara (NEPAL)

Early morning departure to reach the local bus station.

What a mess! Our little bus was stormed in the true sense of the word. 

People popped from every angle and was swallowed by the big box of tin!
The sardines were more comfortable.

I was impaled between 3-4 kids on the one hand, an entire family on the other, several elderly ladies behind and in front 2-3- more  kids...
Suddenly, a small goat comes out   in my legs and licked my calf now and then almost to move me to compassion ... poor goat, maybe she knew that they were taking her to sacrifice!

The transfer Pokhara - Sarangkot was very folk.
Finally, the scream of a  rasta guy makes our bus stop, we struggle to conquer the exit. We're off!
At last we can  breathe! The air is pure, no mess and we are the only ones around.
We stop  to admire the city of Pokhara and its lake from above.
We relax a little bit breathing the sensual tranquility, we needed it.
But soon later on we depart again: we must conquer the top!

We sweat but, as usual, the view from above pays us of all the hard work.

Completely surrounded by nature: "Into the Wild", now and then  some "character in Search of an Author" comes out along our path,  exchanges a chat with us, tells us his story and then disappears again as he appeared before, as the guy who had worked 10 years in Saudi Arab and now had returned to his homeland to create a farm or the 50 years old man who moved to Australia many years ago after being a sherpa for 24 years.



06 october Pokhara (NEPAL)

Waking up in relax, watching  a movie after lunch, taking a walk without a destination, a boat ride to the temple at the center of the  Pewa Tal lake before stopping at a cafe along the main road to eat a muffin and drink an apple juice:
this is living a place  for me.

[Stefy]: Tomorrow we'll wake up at 5 am ... we're leaving to India

ठंक्स ने



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