"The journey not only expands the mind: it  shapes it." ".
- Bruce Chatwin -

21 december Bangkok (THAILAND)

89° day

The return journey to Bangkok meant for us the return to the comforts of the western world ...
I wasthinking about that while I was eating  Mc Cheeseburger Deluxe after getting off the Sky Train and doing a walk along Silom Road.

We approach Pier 13 by boat to get to the famous Khao San Road, because all travelers we met along our journey  talked so much about this road! Let's go and see!

Shortly after here we are  in a kind of Thai Carnaby Street, a veritable factory of tourism. A street packed with all the billboards in English that advertised "massage, free wi fi, travel agency, laundry service ...",  everything a backpacker needs.

Too bad that the spirit of hippies who gave life to this old road is now only a distant memory.

"The journey is a kind of doorway through which you exit from reality as to penetrate into a unexplored reality that seems like a dream."

- Guy de Maupassant - (At the sun)

"Life is a book, which has read only one page the one who has not seen his native land."

- Filippo Pananti -


22 december Ayutthaia (THAILAND)

If the consequences of the flooding seem to be deleted in the capital, we can not say the same about the suburbs. In Ayutthaia we saw some buildings or the same monument, symbol of the city, that still have clear lines of demarcation of the water level.

Ayutthaia is the old capital of Thailand, it was interesting to wander through its narrow lanes  and its archaeological sites.
It was superb the stone face of Buddha in a large tree trunk, it gives the impression of being in a timeless place.

We spend the night out in "our" area, around  roastings, ping pong shows, markets and insects sellers... this is our Bangkok!


23 december Kanchanaburi (THAILAND)

In two hours by minibus we reach the town where we will celebrate Christmas and I must admit that this "Sugar Cane Guest House" seems to be the right place. We have a beautiful wooden bungalows nestled in the green near the "Bridge on the River Kwai".
In this oasis of peace where after 7pm they  recommend to  "whisper" we begin to organize the post-Vietnam, i.e. the last part of the trip, the one that in Italy, purposely we had leftun-organized in order to create it along the way."

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we go for a swim to the Erawan National Park.

24 december Kanchanaburi (THAILAND)

92° day

[Stefy]: "Today it is December 24th! There are 30 °!!!

Erawan National Park. We did a little hiking to reach the 7 th level, a cross of bridges, stone steps, creepers, green pools, waterfalls, tree trunks that served as bridges. After reaching the top we decided to return to the base to dive into the icy waters full of fish that itchy our  feet.

In the afternoon we climb on the old steam train along vast fields of miles up the legendary bridge over the River Kwai. It's really moving walking on it and thinking about how many lives have been sacrificed for its construction.

Now we are having dinner in our small restaurant with tables made of bamboo, this year we'll skip the classical Italian huge dinner and we will eat a simple bowl of noodles.
To celebrate, after dinner, we eat some tempting chocolate biscuits bought at 7eleven! "

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