25 december Ratchaburi (THAILAND)

93° day

Ratchaburi, a town famous for the "floating market".
It is interesting to see how in a submerged area people manage to organize themselves all the same.
All life goes on traditional canoes. They buy, sell, eat on small boats!

Tomorrow we will have a very hard  day, we should fall back to Bangkok and then find a way to reach Sukhothai.

26 december Sukhothai (THAILAND)

We liked Old Sukhothai right away, from the very first sight. The roastings on the main road, our beloved 7eleven wherever peace, silence and tranquility ...

We leave our backpacks in the "Old City Guesthouse" and here we are around to enjoy the many skewers of chicken, pork, crab or coconut cakes!


27 december Sukhothai (THAILAND)

After we had secured a ticket for tomorrow to Chiang Mai, we rent two bikes and we cross the gate of the "Sukhothai Historical Park."

The park is large and contains temples and stupas of the sixteenth century.

The tripod of my camera always manages to give us nice and unforgettable memories ...

The best thing was the mere wandering aimlessly through the large  and green park with our colored bikes.

It is late morning when we decide to eat something ... where can we go? Of course! At the town market. A few rides later we are already happily sitting on a abandoned stand enjoying  the excellent grilled chicken and two huge dishes of pineapple and watermelon!

"Travel with heart and soul, bring an empty bag, and not return until it is full"

- Anonymous -


28 december Chiang Mai (THAILAND)

We are in northern Thailand. Thanks to "couchsurfing" we are guests of David, a Welshman in his 70's, and his Thai wife Fern (our teacher of massage).

[Stefy]: ” The center of Chiang Mai is packed with stalls and bustling with  euphoric people for New Years Eve! "

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