29 december Chiang Mai (THAILAND)

97° day

[Stefy]: “In less than thirty minutes we will begin the first day of the course of massage. We have just handed over our uniforms and a notebook for notes ... "

Full immersion of two hours in the morning and 4 in the afternoon... today only legs and feet... while Fern  jumped on me,  pulled me on the one hand, clutched me on the other side,  blocked the pulse and then slowly released it, I thought to myself, "I just wanted to relax a bit! '"

It was funny when in the afternoon break, while enjoying a cup of tea and an excellent  papaya salad,  on two sofa, we asked: "Fern, we were planning to get a relaxing oil massage after class" - "Ok, I'll go and book that for you!"
And I was reminded of the recommendations of our parents who always invited us to be careful ...

In the evening Thapae Road is closed to the traffic, we go to "Wat Chedi Luang", majestic and ancient Buddhist temple ... who knows what lurks stories and legends it keeps ...

30 december Chiang Mai (THAILAND)

Sitting excited in  "Thapae Boxing Stadium" we await this great event: "Muay Thai", the famous Thai boxing,  one of the most fierce and hard martial arts.

Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand, is more than just a sport, it  is a real philosophy. I am spellbound to see the whole pre-match preparation, the various sacred rites or only propitiatory. Prayers, dances, tours of the ring ... and then the gong ... a charmer cobra that resonates throughout the stadium as if to hypnotize the wrestlers themselves that are studied swinging in the ring and touching lightly with some kick ...

Rounds go by... the winners triumph ... the vanquished, head down, run away ... there are those who end up the carpet and whines ... who poses for a photo after the win ... what a beautiful day!

31 december Chiang Mai (THAILAND)

99° day

[Stefy]: “Yes, this certificate of massage is more than deserved. It was a wonderful experience to have, for six hours a day, for three days,  two teachers  just for us. Legs, arms, back, shoulders, head and feet now have no secrets for us ...

Today is the last day of the year and we stroll around  in T-Shirts and shorts.
In the evening, before reaching the main square full of people, we stop at a temple to buy a lantern  to wish us a good start of the year...
We wrote our desire on one side... it was exciting because we were helped by a Buddhist monk... when the flame burnt the oxygen: 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... our beautiful lantern had taken off in the sky ...
With the head turned toward the sky, our eyes were filled with wonder ... you could only see the moon and hundreds of lanterns ...

Midnight is coming ... and we go and lie down on two chairs for a fabulous feet massage on the street ...
5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Happy New Year! We didn't have champagne and we used a Bacardi Breezer. This was the most original New Year Eve ever spent! "

01 january Chiang Rai (THAILAND)

100° day

After three hours and twenty minutes by bus we reach this border town, farther north.
Chiang Rai on the first day of the year looks a bit Jodhpur after Diwali ... The calm after the storm ... In the street there is only a few sleepy farang lazily sipping a beer sitting in a bar.

We reach the island of Dusit on Mae Nam Kok River
Along the way we are struck by the splendor of the many pagodas which adorn this town  and again we imagine what it could have been a few decades ago before the farang conquered it with  bucks!

02 january Chiang Rai (THAILAND)

With the nice Gunther and his Thai friend, we visit the "White Temple", a pure white temple, it was weird because it seemed entirely covered with snow!

But our target today is the ticket to Luang Prabang, Laos.
We wander through the city in search of useful information and eventually we manage to buy a ride by minivan to Chiang Khong, Thailand last city, and from there we will embark on two days, along the famous Mekong River, in order to reach our destination in Laos!

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