03 march Kuta (INDONESIA)

162° day

After a day's journey from the Sultanate of Brunei we have reached Malaysia and then we have flown to this latest tropical paradise: Bali!

The name alone makes us imagine the jungle tribes, surfers, fighting roosters, sea, peace and tranquility.


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04 march Kuta (INDONESIA)

While we were watching the "barong" dance, a typical in Bali, I felt kidnapped by the music from these sinuous movements and those bright colors. The eternal struggle between good and evil, here represented respectively by Barong (a mythological animal) and Rangda (a mythological monster).

We start to discover the real heart of Bali.
We walk the streets surrounded by endless green palm trees and rice terraces, we first reach Tegenungan waterfalls, then Batuan famous for the paintings and we get lost in the temple of Puseh, we admire it from the inside after wearing a typical "Sarong" .

The Hindu temples are everywhere and very different from the Indians one, they have a different beauty here! They seem more simple and less whimsical but they affect you more deeply, probably 'cos of that aura of mystery that surrounds them ...

We chat with our Balinese taxi driver: Komang, we are curious to know as many things as possible about this wonderful island. We talk about the terrorist attacks of 2002 and 2005, about how religion can affect the lives of their followers, traditions and rituals the sacred struggle of the roosters...

...and while we talk of these things we meet, quite by chance, along the road some kids who are fighting with their roosters ... local folklore!

Here in Ubud! Large city famous for its traditional market and the "Monkey Forest".

Never seen so many monkeys in my life! Twice I have found one on my back!

Before we leave, we stop at the Lotus Temple, made ​​famous lately, thanks to the film: "Eat, pray and love" with Julia Roberts!

Tanah Lot Temple”. What better place to end a such great day!

[Stefania]: "A temple built on a promontory in the middle of the Indian Ocean ... we go down a long path to reach this masterpiece of Indonesian art! We decide to take a walk along the coast to admire it from different angles... we sit watching this fascinating show breathless waiting for the sunset ... "


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