06 march Kuta (INDONESIA)

165° day

[Stefania]: "We rent a scooter to get to explore the south island! We start early in the morning, the sun shines high in the sky, the air is muggy and we are full of life!

We drive twenty miles to get to Dreamland!
A real dream. The water is turquoise with light green shades!
Bali attracts many surfers because of the strong currents of the Indian Ocean. We stop at the impressive beach of Padang Padang to take some pictures!


Uluwatu Temple overlooking the ocean from the top of a steep cliff. What a truly impressive position!

Once up the stone steps along the cliff, we cross the gate of the temple and we are greeted by a typical balinese ceremony, the women were wearing colorful scarves and flowers in their hair, men with white sarongs smoking cigars, thin, smart kids were playing among the monkeys, guardians of the temple.


Time flies and even the fear of clouds that suddenly appear on the horizon for which we choose to approach Kuta.

In late afternoon we were again lying to relax on the beach of the city thinking about the wonderful day just lived together".



07 march Kuta (INDONESIA)

Last day in the mystical, wild and lush island of Bali.

We spend this day as a true local: wake up late, breakfast in peace on our balcony, walk to the post office (almost as if we were to pay the bills!), lunch on the long-sea with fish at our usual restaurant, dessert at McDonald, long walk barefoot on the beach, we relax on the beach to enjoy the waves and surf, last bath and dinner by the faithful Zaza.

Here is a picture of us in Bali.

08 march Kuta (INDONESIA)

[Stefania]: "As we walked to the city center we are attracted by loud music, a caravan of people carrying a canopy followed by an impressive procession, there were the musicians, the women carrying offerings on their heads and food in the typical Balinese containers colored wicker. We followed the parade up to the beach where we wathced what has been revealed to be a funeral rite.

From the canopy six men pull down the case and make three laps around the bamboo structure decorated for the cremation.
The crowd gathers around the body, now discovered: in the nostrils and above the eyelids are places some colorful flowers, hands folded on his chest are decorated with colorful petals, all the rest of the body is sprinkled with scented oils. The faces of relatives and friends were not at all sad, they sang, smiled and made honor to the soul that now no longer belonged to that body but that was arising in another. This is the cycle of life, this is the reincarnation.
This world view and life means that you can smile and be happy even at a funeral.
With a death: they celebrate a new life.

It is with this strong and intense experience that we salute Bali: the island of mystery! "

We fly to Singapore where we spend the night in the airport then we depart the next day to Cebu, Philippines!

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