02 january Ho Chi Minh City (VIETNAM)

132° day

We enter Vietnam. We are in the old Saigon! It's been 7 years since that last time ... the mess on the street is always the same, what has changed are the bicycles replaced by an infinite number of scooters ...

"Strange thing about this trip, once you start, it's hard to stop. It's like being alcoholics."

- Gore Vidal -

03 january Cu Chi (VIETNAM)

Cu Chi: the famous tunnels of the Viet Cong. Our guide explains and tells using ways a little too irritating for me ... she showes the traps made by the Viet Cong almost as if she were telling a joke, speaking of dead, air strikes, napalm with such naturalness that within I think to myself: "What the fuck does this 20 years old girl know about the suffering of war." For five minutes we live the experience to get into one of the many tunnels ... really impressive!

On the way back to Ho Chi Minh City we decide to stop at the infamous "Museum of the horrors of war." Two plans showing pictures and artifacts of those terrible years ...

Our minds and our hearts have been often touched in the past few days

05 january Nha Trang (VIETNAM)

[Stefy]: "I believe that I will long remember this hard transfer into the night bus. The driver of our old bus was driving in a really dangerous way, I was so scared.

Fortunately we arrived at their destination safely around 6.30 am, our guest house is close to the sea and looks very nice. Finally, a little relaxation. We really wanted to! Today in fact we have spent all day long on the beach doing absolutely nothing but watch, as children, the big waves that the sea gave us as a spectacle! "


08 january Nha Trang (VIETNAM)

138° day

Thanks Nha Trang.

This step had to pull ourselves and I think it managed.

If I think of this town I can remember only of the delicious breakfast with tropical fruits in the morning, whole days spent to bask in the sun reading a good book, swimming in the inviting sea, walking along the streets in celebration!

09 january Hoi An (VIETNAM)

Overnight in the bus and at dawn we are in this gem of Vietnam.

Even though it's only seven o'clock am we decide to take a walk in the center ... it's early but everything is already in turmoil, the elderly do "tai chi" in the courtyard of a Chinese pagoda, the first children in white uniform, go to school by bike.


This is the period of the "tet", the Chinese New Year and all the streets are decorated with festoons and colorful characters!

Everywhere you breathe another time air, it seems that the calendar has stood here 150 years ago. Reigns a silence and a peace broken only by the surreal sound of the water flowing under the many bridges that characterize Hoi An.




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