10 january Hoi An (VIETNAM)

140° day

While we were hanging around the center, our attention is captured by a van with a megaphone, which attracts crowds of children in celebration. A bit later, a pickup carrying a bear dressed as a woman passes nearby, then another with a strongman surrounded by two giant boa ... the circus is in town! We can not miss this event. At 8 pm, on time, like two children we find ourselves in a large outdoor arena with thousands of people ... Fire eaters, acrobats, clowns, trained dogs, jugglers enliven the big night!


11 january Huè (VIETNAM)

[Stefy]: "It 's been interesting to pass through the doors of the citadel of Hue. The pagodas in the middle of tangerine trees and bonsai, a majestic castle that showed signs of its former glory!

At Pho Saigon Restaurant we stop to eat a tasty soup and noodles! We taste for the first time the "dumplings", bundles of crumb stuffed with meat! "

13 january Hanoi (VIETNAM)

[Stefy]: "Here we are in the capital of Vietnam. It's cold, long pants, two sweatshirts and socks... I was not used to it! "

We spend the afternoon walking through the labyrinthine alleys of the city, and after wandering for several hours I realized that I hadn't not understood nothing yet of the whole area.

We manage to visit the now disused Hoa Lo Prison, reserving different treatments depending on whether the guest was a local political dissident (who were tortured and massacred) or American pilots (who stayed there playing cards, basketball, dining easily enough to call it "Hoa Lo Hilton").

14 january Ha Long Bay (VIETNAM)

[Stefy]: "S. Valentine. What better place to celebrate it than in Halong Bay? After sailing in its waters and admire the beautiful surrounding landscape, we find ourselves in a kayak, alone, inbound a cave to end up in a sort of volcanic crater with walls over 40 meters high... we were like two kids with our nose upward, mouth and eyes open... it was just amazing!

In the afternoon we visit Dau Go Cave: gigantic monuments of nature! "

Back to Hanoi we discover that St. Valentine, here, is a cause for great celebration. Wherever they sell flowers, balloons, stuffed animals and chocolates. The old town is completely submerged and overrun with scooters of lovebirds. We have dinner in typical restaurant: "Bun Bo Nam Bo" whose specialty dish was just the "Bun Bo", a kind of noodle soup with vegetables, meat and peanut ...


15 january Hanoi (VIETNAM)

145° day

[Stefy]: "On foot we reach Ba Dinh Square where there is the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh.

We spend the whole day trying to discover the hidden corners of this fascinating city "!

Tomorrow morning we fly to Singapore ... a new episode of this wonderful journey is about to begin!

sự cám ơn việt nam


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