03. 11. 2012 Sharm El Sheikh (EGYPT)

Have you ever felt stifled by the useless daily routine
while suddenly "falls" on you the winter?

You just feel the need to unplug it for a while, not to hear the
vibration of the phone, not to have a keyboard to tap, not to think of anything but to relax a little ...
Suddenly here we are in the Sinai Peninsula, in the popular Sharm El Sheikh.


Naama Bay by night, the heart of Sharm.
The famous Natural Park of Ras Mohammed, between Gulf of Suez and Gulf of Aqaba

Allah Door

Every day we wake up with the only thought of running to the beach to dive into the wonderful Red Sea and admire its lively "in the Sea ..."


Around the Sinai desert in quad ...

Of these magnificent day we will keep the memory of the sun light that
strokes our skin, the blue sea with its colorful fish,
the desert sand that wrapped you while you crossed it with your
quad, evenings relaxing by the pool, the smoking of hookah or
the chats with friends from another world so far from us.

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