11 january Vang Vieng (LAOS)

110° day

[Stefy]: "For 30,000 kip we rent a scooter.
We cross plantain plantations, luxuriant forests, trails of red sand, which contrasted with the clear sky, overlooking the mountains covered with dark green vegetation ... we have traveled about 40 km along dirt roads, we forded two or three rivers, three bridges, we ended drinking with a bunch of drunks on their lawn in front of their house, took pictures of children in a school, ate mandarins sitting in a shop in a remote village, played darts during a "religious festival",  witnessed a Buddhist procession, fled accelerating at a small station of illegal tolls, mired in a river, the water dropped the backpack and then flyed away with our motorbike.

It is sad to think that once on Song Nang River women washed clothes, animals went to water there where now the same people and these animals had to move away to make way for bars and tubing equipment ... "

13 january Vientiane (LAOS)

Vientiane, Laos' capital.
City fairly anonymous.
In two days we walked it in a long and wide without finding anything particularly interesting.

Tomorrow we will leave this small nation, and will return for the third and last time to Thailand.
We expect many more adventures to live together ...

ຂອບໃຈ ເມືອງລາວ

14 january Udon Thani (THAILAND)

113° day

Udon Thani offers nothing if not a great lunch at McDonald's and a few games of magic in a mall, then we take refuge in our "chalet" near the artificial lake to enjoy a bacon sandwich and a wonderful tropical fruit salad.

Time to go to sleep, tomorrow we have a long day! We completely change page!

15 january Phuket (THAILAND)

Here we are in the famous Phuket after a comfortable an hour flight!
This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand but we will use it only as a stepping stone to what will be our true destination: the paradise of Koh Lanta!

16 january Koh Lanta (THAILAND)

[Stefy]: "We started at 8.30 am from Phuket by boat and after a break in the even more famous Koh Phi Phi,  we land in the beautiful Koh Lanta.
We stay at the Coral Beach Resort, the bungalows have direct access to the beach.
Waking up with the sweet sound of the sea, having breakfast with a great mango accompanied by tasty banana on the porch... well, that's priceless!
This place is really relaxing. Along the beach there are several open shelters, where you can swing hammocks in the shade of huge coconut palms... after three and a half months on the road we must stop for a while to recharge our batteries, do some laundry, organize quietly our next steps. "

18 january Koh Lanta (THAILAND)

[Stefy]: "Today we have relaxed all day. Rest in the hammock reading  before reaching our beloved 7-Eleven, hitch hiking  on a truck carrying tamarind and then dine on the terrace of our romantic restaurant overlooking the ocean, after admiring a postcard sunset... "

"No need to travel back in time to be historians."

- Isaac Asimov -



19 january Koh Lanta (THAILAND)

118° day

This place is magical. It is charming and enchanted.
This week's break is giving me a huge charge. I feel that my whole body, my mind, my thoughts are softening, soothing ...




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