20 january Koh Lanta (THAILAND)

119° day

Four Islands.
After an hour by the sea we reach Koh Ma, a large rocky outcrop, equipped with mask and snorkel, we plunge immediately for our first snorkeling ...
A little disappointing!

As we sailed on those waters on which protruded occasionally small virgin islands ... I thought these were the scenarios that the brave sailors of 1500  admired when they landed here for the first time.

Koh Mook, also called the Emerald Cave.
We wear the life jackets because the cave is dark and could create problems of claustrophobia.
In single file, like dogs soaked in the water, we swim a little scared in the dark lit only by the dim light the torch of our Thai guide...
Suddenly a curve and we see before our eyes one of the most beautiful sights ever seen!
It was like being inside a volcanic crater. This little oasis, once used by pirates to hide their treasures, literally dazzled me!
I was tossing and turning around with my mouth open. Where are we?

A little reluctantly we dive again in those dark waters to get to our boat while our mind daydreamed of flying galleons of pirates, pirate battles, black flags with white skulls flapping, chests of gold and treasure lost!

We anchor at the umpteenth paradise: Koh Ngai.
A long stretch of white sand that served as a background to a Maldivian sea....

We plunge into a sea of colorful fish by different shapes... our Thai friends throw pieces of pineapple and watermelon, while fishes are crowded heedless of our presence.
Stefy, safe in her fluorescent jacket, is enchanted and swims, observes, admires, I have never seen her like that ... she looks as a little girl who is bathing in the sea ...

21 january Koh Lanta (THAILAND)

[Stefy]: "Today we took a ride on a scooter to explore the island and particularly the Old Town, the small town is colorful, silent and characterized by wooden houses on stilts, covered boats from fishing nets in the air and a feeling of peace.


After an ice cream in our 7-Eleven, we threw ourselves on Phra Ae Beach, and as children we played in the water all afternoon.


In the evening, after buying some fruit, we return to our huts to admire one of the most beautiful sunsets ever seen. The sea was pink, the sky tinged with red, the clouds floated among a thousand warm colors.
It's nice to be speechless, looking upwards and remaining without words while our eyes are full of gifts that nature gives us! "


22 january Koh Lanta (THAILAND)

121° day

[Rosy]: "It's the end of the piece of our journey together. Sadness does not touch me because the joy of sharing with you all this time is stronger. Now our paths diverge again, you will still have two months of wonder, world of emotions to share together every day and we definitely will go home richer. "


[Ilaria]: "You have filled me with positive energy, true and pure love. Let the journey continues, in a different way, the important thing is to never stop walking and always meet again. "


23 january Bangkok (THAILAND)

After three buses, 14 hour drive, we arrive in the famous Khao San Road, Bangkok at 5.30 am.
A small break before leaving our beloved Thailand ... and then, we always enjoy one day in Bangkok.
Leaving our backpacks in the reception of  New Joe Guesthouse, we decide to live a little bit this famous road but  soon we end up in a  tattoos lab... you can imagine the rest ... a  memory forever...


We stroll around all day and organize the transfer to Siem Reap in Cambodia, but only after enjoying a delicious fried grasshopper!

Here we are again, the journey continues!

การ ขอบคุณ เมืองไทย 


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