09 march Cebu (PHILIPPINES)

168° day

After a night in the Budget Terminal in Singapore, in three hours and 20 flight with Tiger Airways, we get to Cebu, we are in the Philippines.
This part, decided along the way, had excited me so much because unexpected and not studied in Italy.

"Do not tell me because you are educated, cultured, tell me how much you've traveled."

- Mohammed -


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"Development wanted us: travelers."

- Bruce Chatwin-

All the people we met during our long journey have recommended us, in the Philippines, not to trust anyone, and to beware of taxi drivers, the kids on the street, pickpockets, and different areas of the city... and we, in response, after a lift by Siarika, a girl known in the airport and after reaching our bad hotel (Cebu Guesthouse), we catch a "jeepney" (typical local bus), directed to S.Toninho and Pier 1 to buy the ferry ticket to Tagibilaran for tomorrow.

Everywhere around you see armed men, police vans with armoured glass and security men with big guns at the entrances of many shops, even fast food!
Where the hell are we ended?

We return to the hotel on foot, just to enjoy a little closer this new reality and then, you know, in this way: things happen...

In fact: a few hundred yards from the Fort of San Pedro we run into a crowd in a stadium ready to attend the celebration of holy mass. Awesome!
The scenery is beautiful, a little less some things we see: dirty, seedy people, bums, even if, in the midst of all this, there are the glances and the smiles of many great people that we crossed on our way.



10 march Panglao (PHILIPPINES)

At last in paradise!
After a sleepless night spent wrestling with troubled cockroaches and rats, two-hour ferry we dock in Tagbilaran, Bohol Island.

[Stefania]: "From the port of Tagbilaran, in 35 minutes by taxi we reach our small paradise where we will spend 6 days in complete relaxation.
We could not find a better place to end this wonderful journey.
Our hut is cool and only 200 meters from Alona beach.

We follow a dirt road flanked by the typical straw huts on stilts, a group of kids is following us curiously...

A few meters and we are surrounded by green palm trees, beneath our feet: white sand as fine as flour.

We stop to eat at an inn on the beach where we enjoy excellent fish with a few pesos!
The sun is warm, clear sea, a gentle breeze, hermit crabs, coconut, fish stalls ... Us!
Back to the hotel we go for a dip in the pool: yes, we also have a swimming pool, and after a dinner in a typical Filipino restaurant we end the evening playing pool in the hall of our beautiful guest house! "


11 march Panglao (PHILIPPINES)

170° day

"When it's raining hard - I have been taught by the SCOUTS - put yourself in a bathing suit to avoid wetting all your clothes!"
We do it... not happy, when it began to rain harder and harder, while everyone ran away from the beach, we plung into that heavenly sea to live one of the most expensive of the entire trip!

[Stefania]: "We have built a puppet of sand with shell eyes, ears and lips of coral and seaweed green hair!"

12 march Panglao (PHILIPPINES)

We start at 05.30 am on board a typical Filipino boat to an area in the middle of the Bohol Sea, known by the fishermen, where the dolphins gather at dawn to feed...

As we sail we are fortunate to witness the umpteenth show that Mother Nature gives us every day: a golden ball that slowly and solemnly rises upwards illuminating everything in its path!

Suddenly we see a huge pod of dolphins jumping and plunging back happy in the clear waters! What a great animal! I always assimilate them to the birds for that feeling of freedom that only they can transmit you.

Filled the eyes and hearts we sail back to Balicasag Island.
As we approached the coast we remain more impressed by the clarity of the water! Simply leaning from our boat we snorkel.

Once touched the ground, on a beach made ​​up only with small pieces of coral, we board again, armed with masks and tubes, on board a wooden canoe we paddle to snorkel off!

When we dive into the tropical waters we almost feel the sensation of being inside a documentary about life under the sea or even in an aquarium.
Fish of every size, color and form are swimming blessed on large colorful corals and algae when it suddenly becomes dark blue: the immense begins!

What a memorable experience caressing this so intriguing world, swimming hand in hand and talking, gestures, at each exciting match.

Virgin Island…the name already says it all. We stay for a few minutes literally open-mouthed staring at this wonderful sight so beautiful as to seem artificial!
The island is formed by a strip of 200 meters of white sand that emerged a few hours a day according to the tides. Never seen anything like this!

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