13 march Panglao (PHILIPPINES)

172° day

Inside our hut we slowly begin to pack our backpacks ...
A procedure more than consolidated for us, now our daily bread ...
This time, however, our faces have a different light, dimmer... the pack, now, is not the start but the homecoming ...

15 march Cebu (PHILIPPINES)

[Stefy]: “This morning we went to the beach for the last swim.
Today we are sad... we left a little memento in the sand that shortly after the sea has carried away ...


We reach the port of Tagbilaran by taxi and slowly, by ferry, we conquer the mainland: Cebu.

We supply of dried mango to bring to Italy and we stop for dinner in a shopping center nearby...

The thought of returning to Italy makes me so strange! For six months we have stayed in dozens of places, villages, cities, countries always different, every day was a new discovery, adventure, negotiate with the innkeepers, with taxi drivers, purchase airline tickets, tell stories and travel anecdotes, tasting flavors far from ours, to see the real life of the people, trying to understand different cultures ... for six months, we closed our eyes and open our heart and mind walking the streets of the world. "

16 march Kuala Lumpur (MALAYSIA)

Left our filthy guest house in Cebu, we reach, by taxi, the airport... we even barter the wallets (bought in Madras) with a discount on taxi ride, to the delight of our driver.

In Singapore, where we were afraid of losing the connection to Kuala Lumpur, we even landed in advance and we can have lunch with dear Dazzle at "Souperdelicious" waiting for our flight.

The Airbus 320 touches down! We already know the LCCT of Malaysian capital very well!
In the evening we lie down on the bed in our hotel: "Joy Inn" 5 minutes walk from Kl Sentral.

It's all too easy!

This morning we had breakfast in the Philippines, lunch in Singapore and dinner in our beloved 7-Eleven in Kuala Lumpur!

17 march Kuala Lumpur (MALAYSIA)

176° day

As we approach the Terminal 1 of the International Airport of Kuala Lumpur, millions of memories are already beginning to crowd our minds.


[Stefy]: “It seems like yesterday when we set foot in Kathmandu, it was raining, it was night, our shoes covered with mud, the shops closed, no water, Ishu was waiting outside her home... the beginning of everything.

And then I see us on the mountains of Nepal for trekking, beautiful, exhausting, sometimes wet, I see us on foot crossing the India Gate to Varanasi, we fascinated by the beauty of the Taj Mahal, we in the temple of rats in Deshnok, we during the shooting of a Bollywood movie, we saying: "Is it always the same trip?" while we were walking on the beaches of Goa, we in the cold Ooty, we at a wedding in Madras, we moving in Kolkata, we in a market on Inle Lake, we taking pictures of monks in Amarapura, we doing massages in Chiang Mai, we celebrating Christmas on the River Kwai, we hugging real friends in Luang Prabang and joking with them in the seas of Thailand, we at the temples of Angkor Wat, we in the tunnels of the Viet Cong, we under the skyscrapers of Singapore, we having fun on the beaches of Bali, we walking around the mosques of Brunei, we admiring the orangutans in Sepilok, we playing with the colorful fish of Borneo and the Philippines. We... "

"I felt only that familiar mixture of disappointment and triumph that accompanies the imminent end of every trip."

 - Will Ferguson -

"The journey never ends. Only travelers end. When the traveler is sitting on the sand of the beach and said:" There's nothing to see, "he knew that was not true. You have to see what you have not seen , see again what we have seen, in the spring to see what we have seen in the summer, see the day that you saw at night, with the sun where it was raining the first time. We need to retrace steps already taken to repeat them, and to track you next new paths. must start the journey. Always. the traveler returns immediately.

- José Saramago -


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