15 february Singapore (SINGAPORE)

145° day

After three hours and twenty minutes flight, we land between the skyscrapers, in a stunning bay full of ships, we are in beautiful Singapore!

I do not know why but I've always been fascinated by this small city-state.

For the first time at the airport we are not alone! Here there is the marvelous: Dazzle for us!

From the very first moment she seems to be a special person! She offers us hospitality, brings us around, introduce ourselves her friends and end up eating at the famous "Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant", all seafood, especially his great warhorse: the "mee goreng", like noodles with seafood!

Soon we get, together with Australian Geordie, to a Mall in order to try many different kinds of milkshakes... We chat and have a great time all together!
Time to go home and in 40 seconds we reach by lift the 30th floor of this stately palace to see the amazing Singapore by night.

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16 february Singapore (SINGAPORE)

Orchard Road, the avenue of the shopping centers and huge Malls. It's amazing when you stop to study the map and see the city dotted with red dots each of of them showing a mall! They are everywhere, towering to the sky and dive deeper to connect with neighbors as a series of roots and tunnel!

In Singapore there is a real "parallel life", the "underground one"!
Underground you move from one point to another of the city with fast and ultra-modern trains, underground you stroll around with friends losing track of time; underground you have breakfast, lunch, dinner or eat a snack; you go underground if you want to go to the cinema or pay a bill at the post-office, or if you're looking for a hairdresser or if you have to do some shopping, no matter if outside there are 40°: underground there is fresh air, no matter whether outside it pours or snows: underground you are warm... this thing is scary!

17 february Singapore (SINGAPORE)

[Stefania]: “A giant dragon opens the gates of Chinatown. We stroll around through the narrow streets still decorated for Chinese New Year just ended.

On the way to the Asia Civilization Museum we enchanted admiring the skyscrapers around us. We spend the whole day exploring this special city and in the late afternoon we meet our friends Dazzle and Geordie for a drink at the highest point in Singapore! "

18 february Singapore (SINGAPORE)

[Stefania]: “Today we stay at the Arabic Street with the beautiful Sultan Mosque and its markets of textiles and carpets and then we move to Little India...

What memories... women dressed in colorful saris and fragrant garlands in their hair; along the streets: loud music from some Bollywood films, strong smells of spices, restaurants with dishes now so familiar to us. Mark has a close dialogue, in a supermarket, with some Sikhs boys from Punjab after one of them had noticed his Sikh bracelet! We could not stop drinking chai on the street accompanied by some naan bread before we reach the "Shri Lakshminara Yan". It was really exciting crossing the door stone and be surrounded by the scent of incense and flowers, from the rites of the women who were praying Ganesh or Vishnu.

Time to go home to pack our backpacks, we leave tomorrow morning! "

19 february Kuala Lumpur (MALAYSIA)

149° day

Khizanif, our hoster in the Malaysian capital, lives just outside Kuala Lumpur, on a hillside overlooking its own skyline.

Now we are sitting on the veranda and enjoy the show from here which leaves us literally speechless.
The whole city lit by night and in the center: the famous "Twin Towers" or "Petronas Towers" by now become the symbol of the nation's progress.

20 february Kuala Lumpur (MALAYSIA)

Just from the Petronas Towers begins our day today.
Exit from the subway we are caught by a sudden downpour, and find shelter in a wonderful Chinese pagoda...
Shortly after we are already around... we decide to visit the Sikh temple "Tatt Khalsa", the largest Sikh temple in Southeast Asia with about 75,000 faithful that offers every day free food to anyone who passes from here.
After our trip to India I admit that I am greatly interested by this culture or religion or philosophy, call it as you prefer, these characters with a long beard, the head covered and a big heart who follow the teachings of the holy book of the "Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji".

The National Museum was a bit disappointing, Malaysia has a great and long history that goes from the prehistoric period to the Portuguese, Dutch and British conquerors till the to contemporary technological development; it is a pity it is not well represented!

21 february Kuala Lumpur (MALAYSIA)

We wake up very lazy today... The kind Khizanif offers us a tour of KL by car! We stop, we take some pictures and leave again for the next destination!
We visit the impressive "Batu Caves", a Hindu temple carved into the rock and reached only after climbing an entire hill; the royal palace where we discover that there are 9 royal families in Malaysia, according to the various regions, who reigns rolling five-year; the independence square till the club of MCOBA (Malaysia College Old Boys Association) and we spend some time chatting with his many friends!

Backpacker on... it's time of Borneo!

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