22 february Sandakan (MALAYSIA)

152° day

A three-hour flight takes us to Sandakan, in the Sabah region of the island of Borneo.
How many adventure and action novels we have read about this enchanted place, characterized by an impenetrable rainforest and an immense wealth of flora and fauna.

The humidity is 97% so it's quite difficult to move without soaking in sweat, you feel lazy and sluggish, this is a typical tropical climate, which fits perfectly with this place!

Sandakan is still far from mass tourism and the people are happy to see tourists around, we are often stopped just to hear us say: "Hi, how are you?"
The atmosphere is very quaint and it makes us imagine of distant cities of pirates and sailors where rarely anything happens!

23 february Sepilok (MALAYSIA)

Sepilok is a very important sanctuary for orangutans, here, these cute animals, so similar to humans for traits and mannerisms are welcomed, treated and set free!

The nature in this area of ​​the world, shows us its true face, the slightly prehistoric and primitiveone; life is easier for many animals, insects, birds and plants never seen before.

[Stefania]: "We advance on foot along the highway and walk about 2.5 km finding ourselves in a natural reserve. We could turn around 360 degrees and we see only trees and flowers, our eyes were ranging from fiery red, to the penetrating purple, the bright yellow, warm orange...

Suddenly I see before me a mother orangutan with her baby, two feet from me. I had goose bumps ... we have been half an hour at that microscopic distance to see these "men of the forest." The mother took care of her child with moving attention. They exchanged hugs and kisses.

It has been a touching moment!

Time to get back to town! After waiting for nearly two hours in vain for the arrival of a mysterious bus we decide to make our way on foot along the road... we load up a truck builders to the Junction. After about 10 minutes we are sitting on a bus with loud music, fish in the middle of the aisle, and so many people that at one point the driver didn't let anyone climb up!

We conclude the evening with a dinner on the rocks while the sun sets"...

24 february Kota Kinabalu (MALAYSIA)

Forwarded deeper into this savage Borneo, after eight hours of travel we reach the city of Kota Kinabalu.
Along the way I remain fascinated by this nature so lush and impenetrable.
It was strange considering we were driving along the only stretch of asphalt in the forest: into the wild.
On the sides only tall palm trees towering and bushes that filled all the jungle.

Kota Kinabalu is much larger and tourist than the lazy Sandakan and everything here costs twice... it's hard to find a cheap hotel but we must manage because we want to spend a few days here...

26 february Kota Kinabalu (MALAYSIA)

156° day

[Stefania]: "Likas Mosque", a floating mosque but empty inside... there were only a few faithful in prayer"...

In the evening we return to the big night fish market where we eat an excellent tuna barbeque!

27 february Manukan (MALAYSIA)

[Stefania]: "We reach the beautiful island of Manukan by boat: a paradise! As soon as we get there we are greeted by a myriad of colorful fish.
We had fun feeding them with small pieces of dry bread... they were endless: silver, yellow, diamond white and blacks, elongated yellow and blue, turquoise shades with pink ...
We spent a day of relaxation enjoying healthier, for the umpteenth time, the undisputed beauty of Mother Nature."

28 february Kota Kinabalu (MALAYSIA)

[Stefania]: "We have been in Kota Kinabalu for four days by now... we just need a little relaxation also because lately we have not stopped for a moment."

"Our suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again, we had some way to go. But no matter, the road is life."

- Jack Kerouac -


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