04 december Fort Portal (UGANDA)

We dismantle our tents and leave again to Hoima.

The ride is quite hard because of the rough road full of big holes.
We meet several monkeys watching us surprises while they jump from tree to tree until a large branch perfectly hits the windshield, just my side and almost everything falls apart.

Once at the top we take the opportunity to do some shopping since the supplies are becoming scarce ... the sun is still high in the sky ... we decide to make a little more effort and continue to the stop scheduled for the following day...

The day turns into a long transfer.

We cross several areas where tsetse fly should reign and sp we are forced to "close" each other properly inside.

The road is heavy and suddenly we are stopped by a broken-down bus blocking the path. We note that the rear axle is lacking and in absolute calm and all the passengers begin to descend downloading everything from huge sacks of grain, hysterical roosters, pots and pans, cardboard boxes up to gigantic durien ...

With African patience we help them; we hoe an entire mound of earth to allow the passage of our truck.
The first attempt fails and the poor Martin almost ends up on the bus ...
We start digging again... the second attempt is dangerous ... but the skillful Martin succeeds!
All aboard again, we travel till the evening and through fields of tea and coffee coming up to almost 2000 meters.

Fort Portal, at last. It is night, it is dark and it is difficult to find the right path. We settle in a little hotel in a perfect African style, we are exhausted but Nicolò delights us with a good plate of spaghetti and bacon.

05 december Queen Elizabeth NP (UGANDA)

My clock displays almost 40°C. "It's quite hot" - I think to myself, just as we cross the equator! What a thrill!

In the late morning we reach the entrance to the Queen Elizabeth National Park, in the searing heat we set our tents and soon after we depart for a game drive ... suddenly the sky gets dark and begins to rain hardly...
The mood is not up, we are tired, our tents are wet, there is no chance of a shower or to relax but illuminated by the dim light of our front torches we have a great dinner and spend a nice evening with friends.

06 december Queen Elizabeth NP (UGANDA)

The alarm rings early in this isolated field of Queen Elizabeth. The trumpeting of elephants, the roars, the chirping of crickets, the howling of jackals and the chirping of several thousand birds are still ringing in the air.
I open the zip of the tent and I look outside for a moment ... it's still dark.
The rangers, armed with Kalashnikovs, chat sitting on a log in front of the fire that warmed them all night.
They show me, in the distance, three large hippos that wander undisturbed ...
Then the dawn: it is magnificent!

We leave for a game drive.
Elephants, buffalo, gazelles, antelopes, we see the young lions frolicking by a bush to another with elegance and tenderness when shortly after they start to play around while, in the distance, all the other animals of the savannah observe them carefully and studying their every single move ...

In the afternoon we board a boat trip along the Kazinga Channel between Lake Edward and Lake George for an exciting photo safari.
Also here is a succession of great emotions: dozens of hippos that plunge into the water and then re-emerge with the funny head, zebras, antelopes and gazelles drink quietly; prowling crocodiles threatening; kingfishers looking for some small fish, then cormorants, elegant pink flamingos ...

[Stefy]: "A little farther there is a fishing village, it is amazing to think that they live with elephants, hippos and lions ..."

In a circle in front of a large fire, we tell stories, anecdotes and sing songs spending one of the most beautiful evenings while there is a starry sky as background and the sounds of nature as soundtrack.
Suddenly a loud roar rips away the air: it's the good night at the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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