10 december Mwanza (TANZANIA)

In a short time we are already at Rusumu, the border, while a waterfall of red water fills the scene!

We are in Tanzania and the landscape completely changes... just miserable and meager huts, barefoot children on the disaster streets ...

Long day of transfer to Mwanza, on the shores of Lake Victoria ...
We set the tents by the light of our front torches listening to the verses of a group of hippos not far away...

11 december Serengeti National Park (TANZANIA)

[Stefy ] : "I'm grinding miles and miles on our truck and suddenly the feeling that I dipped in the picture that I have on the dresser. Moments made ​​of quick but intense glances, smiles that get to your inside, straight to the belly. Then I open my eyes and immerse myself in the clouds, great clouds of whipped cream, red earth beneath me. The green goes up to where the eye can reach, far away to the horizon.
We stop in a village, get down from the truck, full breath and I feel that this is the right air for me, I feel that there is no other place I want to be. This land belongs to me, or rather, I belong to her.
And then all of a sudden a little girl raises her hand, I do mine, a smile, there's so much love that it is impossible to contain, I feel good inside, I feel good in my heart.

The gaze back to the street, three small boys walking with the edges of the axes on their shoulders, bike overloaded with bananas are pushed by men with jackets and shoes are too big for a few more copies, you could read in their eyes resignation, but it is a mistake, these eyes are just tired but full of dignity.
Across the street hordes of kids jumping, salute, shouting : " musungu " with infinite joy, unaware of what they have because they never had but so excited about what little they possess that makes you realize how lucky we are in life.

In Serengeti it rains, we take advantage of a few moments of respite to set our tents ...

12 december Serengeti National Park (TANZANIA)

[Stefy]: "It's the sunrise in Serengeti. Three hyenas are walking with a slow pace, zebra, wildebeest, impala afraid to run away from some kind of hidden predator ...
Suddenly two beautiful cheetahs, regal and refined, come to meet us, staring at us and then crossing the dirt road and continue their quest toward the horizon.
A little farther on another hyena resting in a pool of dirty, muddy water.

Two lionesses and a carcass of water buffalo ... They just kicked this great animal and now ensure that no other predator approaches, await the arrival of the king of the forest ... they will eat the remains. Rules of the savannah "

13 december Ngorongoro (TANZANIA)

We go through the gate of the Ngorongoro National Park and we are thrown into another world. An endless plain that stretches as far as the eye where each type of animal can graze undisturbed.

Zebra, Thomson's gazelles, giraffes watch us bored... this is the perfect place to hunt for a leopard, here the poor herbivores can rely on their own physical abilities since there are no natural shelters, bushes or trees ..

We stop to visit a Masai village and after an offer to the chief of the village we have a chance to dive again into another dimension.
They greet us with a welcome dance, very distinctive and engaging ... the men, tall and slender, dressed in red robes chanting ancient harmony while jumping with their legs together, the women accompanying the litany with their sweet voices.
The clothes, the decorations are very picturesque and colorful as well as bracelets and anklets ...

A little later we find ourselves in one of the many small huts to listen to the stories of this ancient and proud nomadic people, we are very intrigued by this culture, from their everyday life and their traditions.


We climb higher and higher with fatigue, we reach the Simba Camp where we set our tents under a large acacia and enjoy one of the most scenic views of the entire trip, to 2450 meters we dominate the crater of Ngorongoro.

The night in the tent is hard, cold, however, a beautiful starry sky, which seemed to be falling off on us, makes everything sweeter!


14 december Ngorongoro (TANZANIA)

At 5.00 am, too early, our alarm rings.
Outside it is dark.

We immerse ourselves completely in the ancient crater.
Ngorongoro. This term that sounds so funny, in Swahili means "hole". And in fact it is a true volcanic hole with a diameter of 19 km and natural enclosure for hundreds of species of animals.

It's about six ... a huge orange ball timidly begins to appear on the horizon.
An explosion of incredible wildlife before our enchanted eyes: giraffes, wildebeests , gazelles, impalas, ostriches, jackals, vultures, even a rhinoceros ...

A herd of zebras suddenly stops and begins to carefully fix a point ... we follow their fearful look, and we see two young lionesses who walk sinuous and indifferent...

Three big-eared jackals chasing another who entered their territory ... once again the savannah reminds us that there are strict rules to be followed.

"The hours of the traveler, as I call them , they are worth seven times more than normal , as for dogs. Someone, perhaps , he had said that traveling lengthens life . "
- Paul Brovelli -

Later. Two majestic figures parading with great elegance. A lioness ... and here it is at last: the king of the forest in all its glory.
It marks the territory ... relaxing next to a bush while the lioness approaches him... the accomplice wanders around several times until it, with a leap, "feline", jumps behind... it lasts a bit but we are unbelievers, it looks a stunning National Geographic documentary ...

With these images imprinted in our eyes and in our hearts we leave the crater and nature to the sleepy town of Mto Wa Mbu.

[Stefy]: "Quick shower and we immediately leave for a walk around.
Two wooden planks, a chessboard in the center and around many men who discuss every single move. They invite Mark to play a game and challenge their ace, an old and plump Masai with a good face. All analyze the duel, but the rules are different from ours and we had to accept the defeat with a handshake. "

15 december Mto Wa Mbu (TANZANIA)

[Stefy]: "Our truck leaves us on the shores of Lake Manyara. The flies do not give us respite, you find them anywhere, it is a constant stress!
With our guide we try to enjoy this "game drive walk" before we get to a channel where we hear some hippos, then we move towards a village along a road topped by endless red banana.

We pass in a small village, the children were a continuous wave their arms to receive our greeting, the musungu. Many women, suspicious, opened in a wonderful smile once greeted in Swahili.

We end to see how they produce beer or wine with bananas. Eccentric and not very tasty! The guide presents us with a container of liquid and after removing the foam top offers us to drink it all from the same jar ... it is the beer of friendship after all.

Sitting in Mto Wa Mbu Scorpion Pub, we eat a plate of chips and chunks of meat bought from a shack out here and we are happy with our simplicity! "

At 5 pm half town gather in the courtyard of the pub. They are projecting the match Manchester City - Arsenal. It 's amazing: about 150 black heads, hardcore fans, support their favorite team.
You have to even pay the ticket (500 shillings, about 30 cents of a dollar). I thought to myself, it would be nice if one of those players knew that in a remote village in Tanzania there were so loyal supporters.

16 december Nairobi (KENYA)

We depart, for the first time, at 7.30. We are not used to sleep until then ...
In two hours we reach Arusha, another major city in Tanzania. We meet several Masai along the way and I am more and more enchanted by the diversity of the world!

From there the border with Kenya is near ...
Usual paperwork but now we are used to ...

A couple of hours later and enter the large chaotic outskirts of the capital. We're back in Nairobi, 23 days after.
So many things have happened, how many adventures and many stories to tell and tell ...

The moral is down, we're all pretty sad and thoughtful ... These days so intense have already left a deep furrow in our hearts and in our minds.
We try to soften the hearts with a nice dinner at Karen Camp and play darts and pool in the mud spending the last hours before the airport.

Another great adventure is over but that flame shines more and more turned on within us and we are already looking forward to start ... next destination? "Who can tell!"!

Thanks Africa

Hakuna Matata


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