24 november El Cairo (EGYPT)

[Stefy]: “We are ready to go!

Landing in the Egyptian capital we have had the chance to enjoy the spectacle of the Pyramids lit ... What a surprise! "

25 november Nakuru (KENYA)

[Stefy]: “Two hours later we're back in flight, this time heading to Nairobi.
We land in the middle of the night, around three o'clock, and after completing the various formalities, we take of our 4x4 truck and reach Nakumatt, a large supermarket in Nairobi, we buy everything that we will need in these 23 days of safari! "

Nairobi welcomes us with its chaos, its large buildings, the disorder typical of large cities in Africa and its marabou that dominate its polluted sky and populate its trees.

The transfer to Nakuru National Park let us breathe a bit of real Africa.
We remain astonished at the immensity of the Rift Valley ...
We proceed along a strip of gray asphalt, meet occasionally families of baboons sitting on the red earth, looking indifferent at the traffic ..

We climb up to an altitude of 2500 meters to reach our first camp: Kembu Campsite.

Above, the sun is shining even if it is chilly and we set our tents to form our first camp!

26 november Nakuru (KENYA)

The truck is a great way to get close to the animals with respect and admire them up close.

Here are the top baboons, then wildebeest, buffalo, gazelles ... it's an exceptional encounters and emotions.
In the distance, a leopard with elegance falls from a tree; a group of young lions relaxing under an acacia tree; zebras trot quiet; wildebeest grazing on the sparse grass along with some clumsy warthog; some Thomson's gazelles stare curiously; the buffalo wander aimlessly tired; an impala is running scared: we are entering into their world!

27 november Masai Mara (KENYA)

We depart early in the morning towards Narok.
We enter into the kingdom of the Masai.
There we decide to buy a piece of ice for our cool box ...
We follow Ernest and Ali among thousands of narrow and crowded streets of the local market; we often come across some old Masai with a kind of awe, wearing bright red costumes, many decorations made of multicolored beads around his neck, wrists, ankles and large holes on the ears as well as the ubiquitous multi-purpose stick in his hands.

 [Stefy]: “Shortly before entering the national park we stop to visit, having bargained with the chief of the tribe, a Masai village.
They welcome us with a series of dances and songs to the classic dance jumps. They tell us of their nomadic lives, show us their everyday life, their thatched huts and they explain us how to make fire using only small pieces of wood. "

28 november Masai Mara (KENYA)

At dawn we cross the gate of the Masai Mara National Park. Another exciting safari begins!

We meet so many animals and every time we are speechless observing them, imagining their wild life, analyzing and studying every single detail, we get lost by following with our eyes the black stripes of zebras, all different, or yellow-brown blotches of the placid and funny giraffes.

Herds of elephants strolling bored, others graze tearing, sometimes, whole bushes with strong trunk while a little one trotted trying to figure out how to use the small bump ...

Some ostriches raise the long neck to watch you mangy, a bored hyena stretches in the shade of a large bush up to the majestic leopard that, after resting on a branch of acacia, falls from the tree, imperious arousing our admiration.
Dozens of old carcasses or skeletons of wildebeest scattered everywhere reminded us that this is an area of ​​great hunting and menacing predators ... the chain of life!


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