29 november Kisumu (KENYA)

We travel almost the whole day to reach the town of Kisumu on Lake Victoria.
Along the way we begin to have a first perception of the everyday life of Kenya. We cross several villages of mud and straw huts, women and children lined up at the water well with large yellow bins in the hand or in perfect balance on the head.
We stop to visit a couple of local markets, we stroll among the vendors of any merchandise, especially used shoes and clothing and imported from the consumerist West.

We arrive in Kisumu when it is already dark. Kisumu seems to be a fairly large town and is characterized by the usual abandonment of these places where the survival of his people takes precedence on urban aesthetics.

We stop at Kisumu Beach Resort, a bleak and full of mosquitoes, right on the shores of Lake Victoria ... "mosquitoes are not malarious " - as one of the guys who run it attempts to reassure us.

It's hard to put up tents after 12 hours of truck, tired, sweaty, hungry, in the dark and on a rough terrain while all kinds of insects buzz around you.

Only the dinner prepared by Ali- manages to give us a bit of energy!

30 november Kampala (UGANDA)

A few hours of walking and we are in Busia, Kenyan last city: the border.
Here the usual messy chaos reigns, the comings and goings of all messed up borders.

There are those who want to take us to the Immigration by bicycle or scooter, who offer us many shady foreign currency exchange: strangely very advantageous; who sells everything and there are people from all over East Africa.

Output Kenyan stamp; discussion with a border policeman for an innocent photo at the flag, shortly after, the Ugandan stamp of entry while the curvaceous and colorful flag, just before photographed, waving welcomes us in this country that will host us for ten days .

We wait two hours under a blazing sun the customs clearance of our truck: African times, no fear!
Once broken down, we note that the landscape has completely changed. The red of the earth's equatorial Kenya gives way to a lush green, it rains here often!

We travel all day until we reach the chaotic capital Kampala.

There we get stucked in the traffic in the middle of a Saturday night, scooters and cars clog all the roads, and we often risk of investing some passerby; there are many buildings of recent construction, bank offices or embassies, that clash with the surrounding landscape.
Martin works enough to hold off this great beast and two hours later we finally arrive at Backpacker Hostel to rest our weary bones in a large dormitory.

01 december Masindi (UGANDA)

[Stefy]: "We depart at six in the morning along the main road that splits the bright green of Uganda in the middle of the huts of mud and straw, the children from the hills raise their hands to the sky to greet us; stalls selling mangoes, papayas, carrots, cucumbers or beds and sofas ...

In the late morning we arrive at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and shortly after, accompanied by a ranger, we enter the forest to discover the last vestiges of White Rhinoceros Nordic.
Shortly after, here are three examples in the shade of a large tree. It's 13.30 and there are 40°C! After a few minutes one of the three stands up ... shakes a bit, it looks around, it was huge, but then again he lies down to rest.

We leave inbound Masindi and at 16.30 we enter our very cozy lodges, with a fabulous hot shower!

We spend the whole afternoon walking around in this small town. We go to theSunday market, we stop in a music shop, we buy some popcorn for the kids, we meet so many babies with big and bright as a star eyes, we chat with them, take pictures while my heart is filled with peace and positive thoughts. "

02 december Murchison (UGANDA)

We start early in the morning in the direction of Murchison National Park .
Along the way we stop at Butiaba and Bulisa, two fishing villages to admire their daily life.

Butiaba. A tongue of red clay marks the center of the village, between thatched huts, fishing nets stretched out on the beach surround the shores of Lake Albert.
We stop in a large soccer field and we soon find ourselves surrounded by a myriad of children with torn t-shirts and start playing with a green ball of foam all patched ...
The fishermen return with the old boats from the courts, some cleaning their nets, women load on their heads heavy buckets full of small fish and go to the market, a woman washes a bent pot with water and sand on the shore of the lake, the children play carefree

[Stefy]: “Bulisa. Colorful huts of yellow backdrop to the small market. We buy some bananas while we wander among the stalls of old things under a scorching sun ...

In the late afternoon we reach the campsite Red Chilly Hideaway, we struggle a lot to put up tents on a hard terain, we are sweaty and tired while our pegs continually get broken, and despite on the poor and cold shower: we are happy! "


03 december Murchison (UGANDA)

[Stefy]: “At seven in the morning we cross the river and start our safari in Murchison National Park. We meet elephants, lots of giraffes, herds of buffalo and wildebeest, impala, Thomson's gazelles but no felines... not even carcasses around here ... the life of the docile herbivores seems to flow serene here...

In the afternoon we sail boat along the canal until we reach the Murchison Falls.
Hippos yawn bored, crocodiles relax on the shore with the sharp jaws on display, wildebeest, gazelles and impala are watered carefully, a big elephant trumpets watching us angry, imperious eagle fly and suddenly it dives steeply to win a fish ...

When we reach the waterfall we descend from the boat to climb a hill to the height of the water jump. We climb and struggle to reach the top, once there, with open arms and with millions of droplets on the body we enjoy the harmonious sounds of nature ... "


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