14 june Istanbul (TURKEY)

[Stefy]: "Finally Istanbul! We stay at the Orient Hostel, just a few steps away from the Blue Mosque and Aya Sofia! Wonderful!

Despite the slight drizzle we decide to reach the Little Aya Sofia, but it is the hour of prayer and it’s also Friday we are not allowed to come in!
So we move towards the Blue Mosque.... we take off our shoes, I cover my head and my eyes are filled with wonder. I get lost admiring the decorations of blue flowers on the white background, the grandeur of the central dome, a true masterpiece of architecture.

Just in front, as  to make it even more valuable, there is the sweet Aya Sofia. An even more ancient church of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. How many things must have seen! Born as a church, converted into a mosque, now shows her charms as a great museum!

We drive along the tree-lined street and arrive at the entrance of Topkapi Palace. We are fascinated by the stories about the harem, dinners of the sultan, the porcelain, the life of eunuchs in the palace etc ...

Inside the Egyptian Bazaar (Spice Bazaar) we literally get lost among the scents of soap with fruit, incense and the many colorful spices. We wander around everywhere, every alley is a surprise. A bit of cherries, a bit of coffee, some colored lamp ready to be photographed, the aroma of toasted sesame seeds, nuts, fragrant body oils.

Sitting on the terrace of the hostel we admire the other side of the Bosphorus. The minarets lit, the gulls guarding the lighthouse, the scent of hookah in the air, the lights that slowly illuminates this magical city by the taste of pistachio and cinnamon."

15 june Buyukada (TURKEY)

[Stefy]: "After an hour and a half of sailing on the Bosphorus we reach Buyukada (also known as the Princess Island). Beautiful.
It’s hard to reach the top and the church of Saint George.
The 360 ​​° repays of the effort of the climb. The view point is magical, romantic, and I will become unforgettable for us."

In the absolute silence a "Yes".

The begin of a new life.

16 june Istanbul (TURKEY)

[Stefy]: "Last day in Istanbul. At 11:00 am we start to walk aimlessly till  the evening. We love getting lost, without milestones set ourselves, we follow the instinct, the people, the smells.

We reach Fethye area with its mosques, its characteristic markets, chic wedding dresses shops, kebabs, butchers and bakers. We sit in a small park next to the great Roman aqueduct and read the history of this great country.

We walk to the Port Eminou where we eat a sandwich with grilled fish and onions, we have fun taking pictures from the Galata Bridge.
We return to the Spice Bazaar and then get lost in the more solitary alleys. Scent of corn on the cob, roasted chestnuts, watermelon,  we buy  apple tea and candies.

At sunset, sitting in front of the Blue Moscque, we look around, we admire people from all over the world. I think of how beautiful the world and all the differences that make it up.

Teşekkürler Türkiye

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