08 june Pamukkale (TURKEY)

After a full day running around in scooter and 12 hours of travel sleepless in the night, instead of enjoying and resting in this nice Ozturk Hotel, we explore the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis and then the thermal baths of  Pamukkale, at noon and with a strong sun!

Hierapolis is charming, not so much for what it has now, but for what it was... the ruins testify to a former glory.

This is an example of an old flourishing greek-Roman town, here is the main road in cobblestone, thermal baths, the majestic theater, the church, the cemetery and so on.


Finally, here we are: "white" valley of Pamukkale with water at 36 °... never seen anything like that, Mother Nature has a strong fantasy!

A few hours later we sprawled on a large Persian carpet to stuff ourselves of gozleme, pida, doner and thousands apple teas....

09 june Kusadasi (TURKEY)

The journey to the Aegean coast lasts only 4 hours and it is very pleasant.  We cross another nice piece of this Turkey that day after day is conquering us more and more.

The sun shines high in the clear sky... we run to the port through an entire neighborhood of stalls for tourists...

In the afternoon we enjoy a couple of hour of relaxation in the swimming pool of the hotel before immerse ourselves in the nightlife of Kusadasi till late in the night!

10 june Milli Park (TURKEY)

This morning we were undecided about which beach to visit: "Ladies Beach" or "Long Beach", the two most popular of the city... in the end, I do not know how, but on board a dolmus (a kind of Turkish collectivo), we end up at Milli Park, a national park, 20 km from Kusadasi.

The driver left us at the entrance... the beaches are several kilometers apart... Just a hitch and we reach the farthest point of the park and the wildest beach at the border with a thick forest full of wild boars!

11 june Ephesus (TURKEY)

[Stefy]: "We are suddenly projected in the classical era, the grand capital of a Roman region. When you enter the Magnesia Gate we find the Baths of Varius, the Agora, the Temple of Domitian, the Grand Theatre (which could accommodate up to 25,000 people), the Gymnasium Vedio up to the street of shops of  incense and silk. We skirt the thermal baths, used as a place of meeting and exchange of views. Imposing the Library of Celsus, the third in the world after Alexandria and Pergamum, it used to keep 12,000 rolls of papyrus."

12 june Kusadasi (TURKEY)

[Stefy]: "Today we only wanna relax on the beaches of Kusadasi. We enjoy the whole day while we plan the visit to Istanbul."

13 june Izmir (TURKEY)

Izmir, Smirne for someone, welcomes us with a rather leaden sky...
We do not get discouraged and, left the backpacks in the office of "Turgutreis", on board the bus n ° 44 we reach the historic center.

The Lonely Planet tells us that this is a bit different from other Turkish cities, it is more liberal, it says that, during Ramadan, when His Highness Istanbul stops all activity to honour the religious ceremony, here everything goes smoothly all the same...

We go down in the central square, an old Middle East watch enriches the center, the rest is framed by a tiny but lovely mosque and a number of old colonial buildings right where a big pedestrian street begins: it is the entrance to the sprawling bazaar! We are soon kidnapped by its colors, its smells, its people...

Wandering to reach the Agora, the old center of the ancient city, which would have competed with Istanbul if it was not for a damn earthquake at the beginning of 900 that destroyed it all. Even if our goal is the Agora, actually, we just want to get lost in its narrow streets and be enchanted by its charm.

Of this wonderful afternoon together there are only some fragments of memory: here we are tasting some Kokorec (grilled intestines of sheep); here Stefy chatting with two old matrons with the veil while they weave vine leaves; here we are fooling around with a Turkish language teacher that strives to remember words of our language; here we are drinking a cup of tea with Taco, a local artist of hookah and listening to the stories of his life; here we are having a Turkish coffee too quickly that disgust us for not having left the powder deposited on the bottom; here we are giving some advice to a couple of French who recently started the Round World Tour via land...


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