01 january Antigua (GUATEMALA)

[Stefy]: "We land in the capital: Guatemala City. Many views remindes me of Cebu in the Philippines. Claudia takes us to Antigua and along the way I notice a small family, sitting in a circle, praying in a park; women from colorful clothes smiling at me, little girls with big and dark eyes play hiding under the guise of their mothers. What a peace!

Unfortunately when we arrive in Antigua we find out that the owners of '"Hotel Dionisio" haven’t   kept our reservation and we remain on January 1st, in the evening, after 14 hour flight without a hotel!
We like the uncertainties! After 2 hours of searching we find a very basic and small hotel and soon later we walk around with Claudia in craft markets, the colonial streets and in Christmas time! "


02 january Antigua (GUATEMALA)

Antigua... with its colonial cobblestone streets and pastel-colored walls ... This city at the feett of three volcanoes (Agua, Fuego and Acatenango) was the capital of Guatemala until 1773 when it was destroyed by a devastating earthquake.

03 january Chichicastenango (GUATEMALA)

Chichi, as the locals call it, has just kidnapped us!
Its colors, its sounds, its people, its history, the magical air that you breathe while you are sitting on the steps of St. Thomas and observe the "quiche" recite their own religious rituals by burning of copal resin or while walking among the colored graves of the "Cemeterio General".

Women by multi-colored clothes and long black hair roaming the streets selling everything and we admire everyday life that runs through before our eyes like a fascinating documentary.

In the afternoon we reach Panajachel, hosted by Sandra and her beautiful family!

04 january Panajachel (GUATEMALA)

"Pana", as it is called by the locals, is a quiet town on the shores of Lake Atitlan, today we depart  to discover its own "puebli."

San Juan la Laguna. Small village of handicraft textiles; we stroll around aimlessly in his heart and we  remain enchanted by the peace that wherever you breathe.

[Stefy]: "After twenty minutes of sailing we are in San Pedro la Laguna and a long but pleasant climb leads us into the center of the small pueblo. Colored markets of fruit and vegetables or used clothing  sell to nostalgic hippies.

Santiago de Atitlan. Inside the cathedral thirty women kneeling before the altar, are reciting the rosary prayers and evocative songs.

Following the Lonely Planet we start looking for "Maximon", a puppet, the result of old beliefs Maya, highly revered here. "

05 january Panajachel (GUATEMALA)

It's already time to go. After a gourmet breakfast with pancakes prepared by the sweet Sandra, we move to Guatemala City, from there it will be a great adventure till Ahuachapan.
For a long series of combinations we find ourselves on an old taxi cuddled by Ricoberto and his wife Liliana for $ 100 (never paid so much!), they lead us, among many adventures to the border with El Salvador.

The 120 km separating the dangerous Guatemalan capital from the border of Villa Nueva are quite stormy... At first we stop stacked because they are redoing the road and here, when it happens, they solve the problem by simply closing, for two hours, both directions of the road! Sweltering heat and various concerns because the border closes at 17.00 and from then on it would be all an unknown!
Finally off again but soon after we hear a whistle coming from outside... Ricoberto slows down, then the four arrows... I’m afraid but I guess what’s going on... he  immediately slows down (fortunately he has a spare tire... I have never seen a wheel that bad...), we soon start working even because a pickup had stopped nearby with three men very reassuring that were observing us like sharks... Liliana was already trembling... luckily she lives in the most dangerous area of ​​Guatemala City.

Here in the distance the border. The two leave us because they can not go any further and after a  thousand recommendations they salute us while we are assaulted by thousands of dealers, taxi drivers and various villains.
But a guardian angel comes to our aid: Daniel, a Spanish religious who has been living in Central America for 15 years and that helps us to achieve our ultimate goal. We're exhausted!

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