We are in Honduras!

As it always happens when we cross a new border, I just feel the need to repeat it by myself, to hear that we are in a new country, almost like a ritual!
We're in Honduras! My voice echoes in the air and in my mind: it is the begin of a new adventure.

A sleepy blue and white striped flag with five stars in the center does not even have the strength to fly. We pay 120 Lempiras of entrance fees, we change $ 20 from a nice old man and we arrive in the border town of Nueva Ocotepeque by taxi, we’ll continue from there, by bus, to La Entrada... we are still far but we are serene, the sun shines high in the sky, it's only 10:16 in the morning! The ten minutes of waiting for the departure promised by the driver become 50, but no problem, we have no hurry.

Here we go, every small village we cross becomes a cause of "battle" for the poor "helper" of the driver who when sees a potential passenger literally fly off the bus and returns with suitcases, travel bags, envelopes and new customers... in the meantime seller of fresh water in transparent bags or "pan de huevo" get in as the bus goes to the Land of the Maya.

It's late afternoon when we leave La Entrada for the last stage. We climb up the mountain and while I try to control our backpacks resting on the roof of the mini van, the landscape completely changes.

Finally: "Bienvenidos to Copan Ruinas."

[Guy Castonguay da Navan, Canada]: “Si l’amour est une faiblesse, je suis plusque mort et pour l’amour je suis pret a mourir“.

12 january Copan Ruinas (HONDURAS)

[Stefy]: "The ruins of Copan represent the economic and political life at the Maya’s time. You are  immediately struck by the architectural grandeur in the place where ancient Kings lived or where sacred rites happened. We stroll around until we reach the "field of the ball" where we relax quietly lying on the meadow not far from the magnificent "Staircase of hieroglyphics" If you closed your eyes you could easily imagine the "jaguars or shell" Kings attending the rites of the Maya, painted faces and decorated with feathers, men with costumes with large wings dance on the steps of the pyramids while others, invested with divine powers, lifted to the sky a living heart while an eclipse darkened the sky. "


13 january Roatan (HONDURAS)

[Stefy]: "We leave at dawn, today we cross from south to north almost all Honduras. We stopped in San Pedro Sula only to change bus and leave again right away for La Ceiba.
The landscape was stunning, and the dense vegetation was as if it was falling off you. Bright green, all sparkled with the rays of the sun. "


At the port of La Ceiba, in addition to the ticket for the ferry we receive a pill against seasickness... the situation is worrisome... and they were right, one hour and half that separates us from the small Caribbean island is really hard for our stomach, and half of the passengers travels with their head in a plastic bag.

[Stefy]: "Incredible waves, it seemed to stay on a roller coaster. We arrive at 18, we take a taxi, leave our backpacks in our room and go to eat three empanadas stuffed with tomatoes, chicken, onions, beans and cheese: delicious!"


14. january Roatan (HONDURAS)

[Stefy]: "The beach with crystal clear sea is four steps away from our guest house. We spend a couple of hours relaxing in the sun when we hear a gospel singing coming from a totally white church on the beach. Intrigued we approach and despite our beach wear we are immediately invited to enter. All the ladies turn to us and smile. A grumpy black woman approaching Mark, whispers: "We are delighted to have you here." What a joy, what a party, what music. In this part of Honduras they do not speak Spanish but English, the skin color is coffee, reggae music reverberates everywhere. "

15 january Roatan (HONDURAS)

On the boat that took us from West End to West Bay, with a wonderful day and a sea so transparent that it seemed fake, we looked like two small pirates ready to board.

I went down on the beach and we were so enraptured by what we saw that we barely managed to take some pictures... the landscape is like a magazine advertising... coconut trees, white sand and water so clear that the boats seemed to hover in the air...

In a few seconds we leave all our belongings and we dive into the water.


We spend the whole day between baths, sun and relaxation... in the end, burnt despite kg of protection cream "50" and riddled with mosquitoes and different sand flies, just before the sunset we decided to return to West End by land, in spite of all there had not recommended because it's too dangerous!


16 january Tegucigalpa (HONDURAS)

[Stefy]: "At 7:00 in the morning we depart by our ferry to La Ceiba and two cruise ships calling at the island of Roatan.
We quickly recover our backpacks and by taxi we run to the bus terminal to the capital.

We can get one and in seven hours we reach the infamous Tegucigalpa, aka: "Tegus".


Tegucigalpa is a scary city. You can run far and wide but you're always in its suburbs. During the day, you feel like swimming in an ocean of houses that spread in all directions as far as the eye can see... at night only so many yellowish lights, street lamps, that climb the hills, plunging valleys and expand into plains.

[Stefy]: "We see our "couchsurfing" friend: Pepe and a Korean crazy guy who has been traveling for 1 year: Wong. We soon get along with them. Pepe is very helpful and friendly, we do a some supplies before going to dinner at a local restaurant with delicious pupusas and a fondue of corn and beans.
We end the evening with a beer at an illegal bar in the suburb of Tegucigalpa joking, laughing and dancing until 2 in the morning. In four hours we have to depart to Nicaragua! "

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