17 january Leon (NICARAGUA)

At 5 am our adventure inbound Leon starts. We cover 250 km in 10 hours! That's Central America!
At first a bus to Choluteca, a small town an hour from the border where there was not even the asphalt! Only stalls and confusion.
We reach the border with Nicaragua by minivan with a Dutch couple: Martin and Maria. The usual pleasant walk around several immigration offices.
Stamp of “salida” from Honduras, we change the lempiras in cordoba in one of the many junk on the street, we cross the bridge that divides the two countries when a large billboard gives us the "Bienvenido in Nicaragua."

The rude Nicas immigration officers make us pay $ 12 per person for the entrance without giving further explanations and just in time to catch the bus to Leon... this is what we thought... we soon find out that we can only continue till Chinandega, a small and from there, we finally manage to reach our coveted destination.

We stay in a small oasis "Casa Ivana", a few steps from the central square and despite the fatigue, we leave our bags and after a relaxing shower we immerse ourselves in the streets of this town, by the "decadent colonial charm" as the Lonely Planet defines it.
Wherever murals reflecting the recent past of the revolution and civil war.

In the evening, at the cinema, "Life of Pi", translated into Spanish as " Una aventura extraordinaria" brings us back in time to our beloved India."

18 january Leon (NICARAGUA)

[Stefy]: "Museum of Leyendas y mitos. A boy has been our guide telling us the old Leonese legends to the descriptions of tortures and cruel outrages of the human rights that were perpetrated until 13 June 1979, when the commander Tellez broke through the defenses of Somoza, freeing all prisoners .

We move into the "Basilica de la Asuncion" and just before it "Museo de la Rivoluciòn" stands. We decide to visit it. Marcelo is our guide, a guerrilla fighter for the revolution of León.
Marcelo explains in detail the history of Nicaragua from General Sandino, his life, his deeds, his battles and the dream of setting León free, the love for his Country and its people, the rise to power of the dynasty of Somoza, the revolutionaries united with one purpose, women fighters, barbarism, violence, suffering but also the great hope of being free, of walking peacefully along the streets of their Country, of expressing their own thoughts. That's why when Marcelo was 16 had to challenge the weapon. It was moving to see this man talking about war, a war lived firsthand with the heart and soul.
Viva la revolucion, viva Leon free."

19 january Leon (NICARAGUA)

[Stefy]: "Cool! Today they celebrate the inauguration of the new central square and there is also the inaugural speech of the new mayor! The Basilica de la Asuncion enlightened is even more beautiful! They set up a stage on which many dancers performed folk Nicas dances with masks and fireworks."

20 january Leon (NICARAGUA)

We decide to stay one more day to enjoy even more this lovely town!
Alarm untimed, relaxing breakfast with yogurt and fruit in the garden, walk aimlessly through the characteristic alleys of the city, detour to the cathedral and its dome; lunch at the usual place "Asados ​​de Pelibuey" and long visit at the Museum "Ortiz Gurdian", famous because it contains the most important collection of paintings of Central America.

In the evening we immerse ourselves in the joyous and festive Leon, you can feel in the air this desire for revenge and carefree!

21 january Granada (NICARAGUA)

[Stefy]: "After a brief pitstop in the capital Managua, we continue inbound the old Granada. Shortly after we are already comfortably sitting in the main square to enjoy a great "vigoron" (yuca in mashed potatoes, vegetables and slightly spicy fried pork rind)!

With a "Raspados" (a kind of slush or tropical fruits and spices) in the hands we walk through the narrow streets of this charming colonial town.

There are so many churches, all with very picturesque facades but somewhat sparse inside.
We visit the house where Sister Maria Romero Meneses lived, the first saint of Central America.
We end the day in the main square where a band plays old songs while various homeless and bums dance happily. What a feeling of peace and union, it seems that the prejudices and differences do not exist here."

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