22 january Moyogalpa (NICARAGUA)

Classical transfer day. Several buses, a few hours trip and here we are at the port of San Jorge ready to board the boat to Moyogalpa, in the Ometepe island.

Lunch with "arroz y frijoles with pollo asado" in the restaurant "Tiburon" very close to Lake Nicaragua.

We stroll a bit by bike through the streets of this quaint village before retreating into our oasis of peace "Soma hotel" in a lush green to prepare our next moves.

We find out that the "Rincon de la Vieja", a volcano in the north of Costa Rica is in full eruption now that’s why we have to change all our programs... but that's the greatest of travel on the road.


23 january Moyogalpa (NICARAGUA)

We rent a scooter and set off to explore the island that will host us for a few days.
We decide to start from the east shore, from Playa Santo Domingo. Along the  route we enjoy the quiet flow of the life of the islanders, hundreds of cows and horses wild and free look at us a bit confused, many scenes from "The Old Homestead' with pigs, hens, chicks...
An hour and a half later we get to the town of Altagracia ... - "Damn, we have gone too far... we ask some info the usual smiling and helpful islander and 15 minutes later we park our scooter on the shores of the wild Lake, we are in Playa Santo Domingo.

Our eyes are full with wonder: "Ojo de Agua". A natural swimming pool in the heart of the jungle, fed by volcanic, sulphurous water with its colored backgrounds, so special that only Nature can paint it. We spend many hours relaxing or napping under a palm tree enjoying this fresh water.

Along the slopes of the imposing Volcano Conception up to the Charco Verde.

A journey into the wilderness along the banks of a mangrove lagoon and the majestic Lake Nicaragua.
What a feeling to sit on the shore of the stormy lake, trees bent by the wind that dived with their tops in those waters so murky...
We looked like two castaways.

Punta Jesus Maria. The meeting of two small bays. The volcano Conception watches us severe from above, red waters for the sun seem to dance, a small spit of black volcanic sand shyly leans towards the far opposite side... a solitary heron seems to admire the sun greeting us slowly...

We, ecstatic, take so many pictures and videos, as if by magic, both batteries advise us to enjoy the show with the heart and eyes, keeping those images in our soul instead of a film...

In the evening we meet the nice Dutch (Martin and Mary) and between stories of African safaris and adventures among the gorillas another wonderful day trip in Central America ends.

24 january Moyogalpa (NICARAGUA)

[Stefy]: "At 6:50 we get on the bus that takes us to the slopes of Volcano Concepcion.
After an hour and a half walk, the real climb starts.
From 100 to 400 meters there are no big problems, Nain, our guide, often stops to explain us the flora and fauna of this beautiful island, legends, anecdotes and a lot of funny stories.
The butterflies follow our path, yellow, white, red and black... beautiful.
Then sweat, fatigue, heat, pain in the legs... a few stops to breath... we see different types of monkeys, colorful birds, strange insects, trees until we get to our destination: the Mirador. The view is breathtaking, the strong wind, almost moves you. In front of us the lake, along the coast in all its splendor; behind us the imperious volcano Concepcion."

"Exploring is not so much cover the distance to the surface, but to study it in depth: a fleeting episode, a fragment of landscape or a remark caught on the fly might be the only way to understand and interpret the areas that would otherwise be meaningless" .

- Claude Levi-Strauss -



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