25 january Playa Tamarindo (COSTA RICA)

[Stefy]: "We leave the island inbound Costa Rica.

A ferry, a taxi, and a few buses take us to the border. Never seen a so long queue.

When we finish the usual paperwork (it takes us nearly two hours), we take a bus to Liberia first and then to our final destination: Playa Tamarindo! "

When we cross the border we see that the landscape changes, though so far, from one country to another we had not noticed any big differences this time is not the same... most people do not jump on the bus but wait still in neat rows, you see guys well dressed and often with surfboards under their arms, everything is so expensive…

26 january Playa Tamarindo (COSTA RICA)

 We wake up and go straight to the beach to dive in the ocean... we just have to cross the road after all...

As the sun sets, together with our Dutch friends, now inseparable, we move to Playa Jesus, 15 km from here, to try to see where the great Pacific green turtles lay their eggs...

The search starts, we are not at the zoo, after all... let’s hope for good! We first try at a beach but in vain... and we follow our guides through a path that leads us to another picturesque
 beach... the sky is a bit cloudy but the full moon illuminates everything!

We have to wait, Nature has its time. Suddenly, in the distance, we see a large black spot on the shoreline, it looks like a small rock, but... the black spot just popped up from the waters of the Pacific... it moves toward the top of the beach, then stop, change its mind, turns and dive into the sea black of night.

In several hours we will be able to see half a dozen, and each time it’s a great feeling... the thrill of seeing such large prehistoric amphibians in silence, no lights behind them, trying not to disturb their slow motion...

27 january Playa Tamarindo (COSTA RICA)

[Stefy]: "After a huge breakfast with tropical fruits we go and dive again in the Pacific Ocean. We spend the whole day enjoying it! "

28 january La Fortuna (COSTA RICA)

We take four buses to get here!
The landscape has completely changed as we drove along our path.
The surfers Billabong or Quicksilver moved away to make room for big green hills and cows that  make us think of Swiss alpine landscapes.

[Stefy]: "Our hostel is delicious. There is a huge kitchen, nice living room with a large adjoining garden. We plan to stay three nights here.

We soon move to a waterfall not far from here where Mark, Martin and Maria jump in a natural pool of icy water from a vine.

Morning on the beach, evening at the feet of the Arenal Volcano.


29 january La Fortuna (COSTA RICA)

We leave for a hiking at three o’clock in the afternoon.

We completely immerse ourselves in a rainforest that inexorably swallows you... no matter if the sun is shining outside, inside it is dark.

We enter another world, a green one, a thousand different shades of green and populated by many animals. We see a sloth dozing on top of a tree, it rarely goes down and only for a short time, pumas and jaguars are always lurking.
Colorful birds convey you a great sense of freedom.

We sway on a vine like Tarzan, we climb on steep paths following Guillermo, our guide, one of the survivors of the fateful eruption of the 1968...

At that time it was thought that "Arenal" was just a mountain... life used to go on quietly in the green pastures... the first signs were given by the cows who suddenly stopped to drink in the river... the water was too hot... but the poor and ignorant peasants could not imagine what was going to happen... one day in March, the story of La Fortuna changed: the sky darkened, the ground began to shake and in a few minutes, there was nothing to do anymore... toxic gases fell into the valley at speeds of 100 miles per hour, killing everything along their path... then hot rocks, like fiery rain, ended the work. An entire village was destroyed. Arenal was not a mountain ... Arenal is a volcano.

We continue our journey to a bed of petrified lava. Guillermo shows us his photo album with all the history of the volcano. He has lived his entire life here and eagerly tries to transmit the emotions that this giant can make you feel.

It starts to get dark and we still have a long way ahead. Suddenly our guide stops. He looks terrified. There is a very dangerous snake ready to attack, obviously disturbed by our presence. We put ourselves at a safe distance and observe it with admiration. We have been lucky. In two hours we would have died for a bite.

We move on, this time with more caution, while the forest sinks into total darkness and even the bright full moon doesn’t manage to light our way. The creatures of the night begin to pop out from their nests, burrows, holes...

Time to relax! We stop at a hot spring, a stream of hot spring water... to soak for an hour, like a large whirlpool tub we enjoy it thinking about the great adventure just lived...

30 january La Fortuna (COSTA RICA)

Early in the morning we go and ride on docile horses into this thick nature. What a feeling of freedom when you trot around those mountain paths... we go 700 meters down to see a majestic waterfall and then run free through green meadows and blue channels... we are enchanted by two toucans which make a brief appearance and we conclude this unforgettable adventure in a reserve of huge colorful butterflies and tiny red frogs!

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