31 january Manuel Antonio (COSTA RICA)

[Stefy]: "As usual, in order to reach our destination, although not very far away, we have to travel all day changing several buses. We depart at 5.30 am from La Fortuna and we get first to San Ramon, then Punta Arenas, then Quepos and finally at your destination!

Twelve hours of travel but we are back to the sea!"

01 february Manuel Antonio (COSTA RICA)

[Stefy]: "After an entire day spent soaking in these waters, we move to Quepos to buy some bus tickets for the capital San Jose and do some shopping.

Back at Manuel Antonio we lie on the beach just in time to enjoy this latest show of Mother Nature: the sunset over the ocean."

02 february Manuel Antonio (COSTA RICA)

[Stefy]: "Manuel Antonio National Park. At the entrance we receive a map that we are going to follow very carefully in order not to lose even one square meter of this paradise. We enter the gate and we immediately see the large blue butterflies, we get to the beach, it’s wonderful, it was worth waking up early so we can enjoy it without the hordes of tourists who arrive shortly later.
We follow the walkways and we encounter so many monkeys, lizards, agouti...

Two gentlemen, with the guide, watch, with a great pair of binoculars, the top of a tree. They invite us to take a look. We remain petrified with astonishment. There was mother sloth with her baby that moved tenderly over us.
Further on there is a huge spider on a web busy eating a large insect just captured. After a few steps we begin to hear a repeated thud, here is a red-headed woodpecker.
We walk in the forest, different sounds are mixed together, the sound of our footsteps on the leaves, the howling of the monkeys, the slithering reptiles, the singing birds...

And after walking for several miles we stop to dive in a clear sea, while swimming we watched the monkeys playing in the trees throwing fruit pilfered from bags of tourists on the beach.
A little farther on a gang of raccoons scoured the area in search of food... "

03 february San Josè (COSTA RICA)

It's Sunday afternoon here in Costa Rica and all the citizens of the capital back to San Jose after the weekend at the sea.

It gets chilly, San Jose is located at the feet of the volcano "Irazu".

04 february San Josè (COSTA RICA)

Zzzz zzzz ... the machine of Pablo begins to prick my skin following the lines that make up our "world"!

05 february San Josè (COSTA RICA)

[Stefy]: "Toucan Rescue Ranch. This rehabilitation center is run with passion and devotion for animals by Leslie. We admire toucans, colorful parrots, sloths, porcupines, monkeys, owls...

Everyone has their own story. There are those who have been injured by other animals, who hit by a car, who mishandled, many come here dying... volunteers work hard to take care of them, cuddle them, feed them and bring them back to life.
We spend a memorable morning!

Barrio Amon, a very interesting neighborhood.
Delicious meal at "Café Mundo" and here we are inbound the Valley of Orosi.

We pass the old capital Cartago with its inhabitants with short legs! ;-)

Then we dive again in the beautiful and lush Costa Rican Nature bteween valleys, streams and a lovely lake.
The air is cool, the hot sun makes the green lawns even more magnificent....

06 february San Josè (COSTA RICA)

Now we are at the airport. In a few minutes we embark, destination: Miami.

Central America has certainly left an indelible memory in our hearts.


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