06 september Villa San Secondo (ITALY)


6th September...

Our lives were joining once more... forever!



two days later...

08 september Seoul (SOUTH KOREA)

We hadn't slept for many hours but it is like  a dream strolling around the streets of Seoul with a thousand glittering and colorful signs, and giant characters that amaze us. We are on the road again...

09 september Seoul (SOUTH KOREA)

 [Stefy]: "After a delicious breakfast at our "Fully Guesthouse" we go out to explore this wonderful city full of things to see and eat but mostly to share with our first fellow travelers!

We wander around "Bukchon" area where we admire, fascinated, the ancient Korean architecture.

 It gives a sense of unique peace.

 Within "Changdeokgung Palace" we reach a garden, called "the forbidden garden" because it was once accessible only to nobles. It’s full of pagodas, each one was used for a different purpose. From here we have an idea of how the traditional life of this ancient people could have been. 

We definitely change area to visit the bustling district of  "Insadong".

We look like two children at a funfair: colors, lights, puppets, strange foods we have never seen, local women in traditional dress, many pairs of teenagers dressed alike (we will find out that this is a very common practice among young people).

We taste a lot of strange things that we encounter along the way: ice cream in a long corn cone, octopus served as kebabs, cakes with creamy red beans...

Finally we head to "Gwanghwamna Square" where we make so many fun shots in front of  the majestic "Gyeongbukgong Palace".

At dinner the wonderful Way brings us to the "Tosokchun restaurant" where we enjoy a ginseng chicken soup with chestnuts, dates, various seeds and rice.

Way is a sweet and gentle girl, without her we would not have been able to explore the city in a such Korean way."

10 september Seoul (SOUTH KOREA)

Today we head north, to the so-called: Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), a very hot area on the border with North Korea: the nation so inaccessible to tourists.

We hear so many stories, see images and videos showing the many problems they face here just because a crazy kid threatens the world with his nuclear warheads.

 The atmosphere is very tense, there is also an American military base right on the border to monitor this delicate situation, because one silly action of this dictator could easily give birth to a third World War.

 Once again, there is a risk of man  annihilating ourselves. 

The town of Dorasan, at the border, seems to hope for a reunion with the brothers of the north; the railroad shows this, in fact it is ready to connect the hyper-technological capital of  South Korea to PyeongYang. The signs claim that only 250 km separates them from the Northern capital.

Back to Seoul, we turn back in time when we watch the changing of the guard in front of one of the many majestic and ancient Korean palaces.

Those costumes from another time, the oriental music and their proud look,  gave us a clear idea of what the society could have been at that time...

11 september Seoul (SOUTH KOREA)

[Stefy] "Seoul Tower. At the top of it the view is amazing. We note a large terrace with 5-6 trees completely covered with padlocks left by lovers as a sign of love.

 Mark pulls out unexpectedly one and we enjoy imitating those young Korean couples!

Suddenly, two girls approach and ask us if they can take some photos of us; they even insist that they take some photos with us in  Korean style poses. I wondered Why do these girls waste so much of their time with us? until I find out that Mark had organized everything from Italy! He had contacted a month before “Inno Catchers” and they came for this sweet surprise!

In the evening Way leads us to eat Korean BBQ at "Palsaik", great! We have tasted seven slices of seven differently marinated meat, then vegetables, soups... all delicious!

We end the evening at one of her favourite bars: "Jazz Story".  Inside, everything comes from "recycled" objects, the tables were bathtubs with a glass plate on top, chairs: old cinema seats and so on...

But the highlight was the band! Phenomenal! I wanted them to never stop playing!

Seoul has really entranced us! Special thanks to Way, a special girl, now our friend!

Thank you very much Way! "

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