13 october Brisbane (AUSTRALIA)

[Stefy]: "We land in Brisbane in the late afternoon under a light drizzle. Our contact from Couchsurfing: Barry, 75 year old, comes to pick us up and give us a ride to the city center, till to our "Base Hostel" ... when we ask how we can thank him, he simply replies: "when you can:  do the same with others! "

Brisbane is pretty and we wander with great pleasure through its historic center...
It's so different from Papua New Guinea ..."

14 october Wailoaloa Beach (FIJI)


We are in one of the most dreamed tropical paradises in the world by European teens... or more dreamed since I was child in Europe... maybe because they are located at the end of the maps that we studied in school... or because they evoke memories of adventurous pirates, of mutinies, of unknown islands, indigenous, treasure...

We fall asleep lulled by Fijian music strummed by one of a thousand groups of friends who gather here and, like in front of a bonfire, spend hours and hours singing and playing their little guitars! It's such a great pleasure to listen to them! Good night from Wailoaloa Beach!


15 october Wailoaloa Beach (FIJI)

With a local bus we head to Nadi Town.
The atmosphere inside the bus, with no windows, is very carefree! Loud music, smiling and relaxed people... so nice!

We cross several residential areas populated by colorful houses with the usual hammock in the yard...

The center of Nadi is very Indian; Bollywood music resonates everywhere: in supermarkets, DVD stores with the latest films from Bombay or Madras...

Along Main Street exudes a strong smell of spices that brings us back in time and makes us feel a great nostalgia...

We have lunch in one of the many Hindi restaurants: samosa, thali and all the specialties that Stefy loves so much...


We spend most of the afternoon at Sri Shiva Subramaniya Swami Temple, right at the end of Main Road.
We chat with one of the Brahmins who is so intrigued by these two Italians who talk of Mother India with so much passion... We gather to explain India to many Indians born in Fiji but who have never set foot on their origin land... the same that their grandparents have left two generations before...


We get lost in the colorful and fragrant city market, or perhaps we get lost in the smiles of its merchants and buy lots of fruits and spices for our "masala chai tea"!


In the evening, on the beach of our lodge, we enjoy one of the most romantic sunsets ever experienced before! Four Fijian are playing rugby on the shoreline, two dogs chasing each other on the sand, a lazy man rides his horse while an orange disc, immense, dives into this clear and calm sea... there: in the horizon!

Enjoying a great "ika vaka lolo", a local dish with fish, tapioca and coconut cream, a wonderful and relaxing day of travel ends!


16 october Natadola (FIJI)

[Stefy]: "This morning we hitchhike to the central bus station and then we head, by a comfortable bus, to the beautiful Natadola Beach!

In fact, the bus leaves us only at the Junction... from there there are still 8 km missing to our destination... no fear... again hitch and with two Fijian dollars we reach our coveted goal!

What wonderful colors! I think I saw all shades of blue and green!

We are welcomed by some Fijian girls who invite us for a massage on a soft bed in the shade of a coconut palm on the beach.
The sea is stunning! Crystalline!
We immediately dive and spend the whole day relaxing and walking on this strip of white sand! "

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