17 october Lautoka (FIJI)

Nitin Gandhi, a great Indo-Fijian man known during Brisbane - Nadi  flight, invites us to visit him in his town an hour away by bus from Nadi.
Here we are!
We take a ride right away from our Guesthouse to the Junction on a big SUV with diplomatic plates! Mr. Yu Minimbi, deputy ambassador of Papua New Guinea to Fiji gives us a lift!

With four Fijian dollars, aboard a colorful van, we easily reach our friend Nitin town!

Despite being very busy he welcomes us into his office, he shows us Lautoka and explains a little history of this wonderful island, of the Indians who emigrated here in the late 1800s, the difficult balance between Fijian and Indo Fijian, the sugar industry of Lautoka and many other interesting anecdotes!

Lunch at "Northern Club", which is a member. We spend a few hours relaxing by the pool!

In the afternoon he gives us a ride to Nadi and invites us to a trip for the next day in the breathtaking Beachcomber Island!

18 october Beachcomber Island (FIJI)

[Stefy]: "The private van sent to us by dear Nitin awaits us at our guesthouse. Soon we reach the boarding near Lautoka and after 45 minute crossing, on a comfortable boat, we dock Beachcomber Island...

I have no words to describe it! Just as one imagines the pirate or treasure island!
The perimeter is 500 meters ish and the white sand, the size of sesame, is all over; within only coconut trees! The ocean is crystalline, water is white, then blue, then green and then again transparent. Never seen an island like this!

Soon we embark again and this time to dive on the reef! Parrot fish came to meet us, some yellow and blue fleeing other colorful; clown fish and surgeon fish swam selflessly...
I wished I could spend all day long there!

Soon, however, we return to the island to enjoy a great buffet of grilled fish!
Some Koreans and Japanese, who were with us, go crazy when they see so many pineapple already prepared and ready to be enjoyed...

We relax a bit lying in the shade of various palms...
We're going to give food to the small turtles that would have been released in open sea shortly later...

Mark books a massage at a big Fijian woman in the only bungalow on the island!"

We cross several small islands on the way to Lautoka. We are in Mamanuca archipelago, at Beachcomber Island, next to Treasure Island, behind Bounty and South Seas Island!

I felt like in a documentary whose director was Robert Louis Stevenson... its wonderful books of adventures for us guys slowly materialized before our enchanted eyes!
Thanks Stevenson for making us dream so much as teenagers, thanks Fiji for doing it now... as adults!

19 october Wailoaloa Beach (FIJI)

By bus to Nadi downtown I think of this wonderful week!
Tomorrow morning we leave this island that in a short time has given us so much in terms of welfare, carefree and relaxing!

Today is Sunday and we are getting closer to Diwali.
Christians well dressed with shirt, tie and pareo gather in various churches for the sermon of the pastor; Hindus flock to frantically all the various stores to buy not only barrels and candles, but whatever, on the other hand: buying during Diwali brings you luck! India docet!

We follow the flow of events; at first we find ourselves in a big hindi mall immersed in colorful saris where Stefy does some shopping...
We have lunch in a small Hindi restaurant, there are many, and we taste: samosa, Bhajia (dumplings with spinach, fennel and carrots) and bara (meatballs of various vegetables) till a spicy masala chai before returning to our bay!

In the evening two Korean friends: Ri-Ra and In-Ae reach us; they study and work in Nadi for a few months!

After dinner, in the glow of the sunset on the beach in front of the South Pacific Ocean, we watch Born2travel video dreaming and living a magical moment all together!



Chatting we find out that In-Ae, four years before, as representative student, had been invited to visit North Korea!
She tells us of the many mishaps and anecdotes lived in those few surreal days!

They could not speak with any venue, or being seen by the cousins of the north... everything was strictly forbidden... armed soldiers at every street corner... scowls controlled... you could not go around but only follow, escorted, your "flock"...
An episode of all hit me: a northern boy approaches her to ask her what were those strange pants she was wearing... immediately a soldier intervenes rudely pointing a gun at him and sending him away... those weird pants were common jeans!

20 october Nadi (FIJI)

Breakfast by the ocean, hitchhiking to Main Junction, we reach our destination, the airport, by public bus with two Fijian dollars...

Today we fly to Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu!

Bula Fiji