01 march Accra (GHANA)

[Stefy] : "We land in Accra at 5 am after a stopover in Casablanca, Morocco and one in Lome, Togo.

We are greeted by an overwhelming heat while we focus on the various formalities; first of all: Togolese visa. Luckily, we get it in a few hours, although Saturdays, thanks to a contact provided to us by Godwin: our correspondent.

Jamestown. Our eyes are filled with images of children playing and dancing on the long beach... women selling all sorts of merchandise and they carry on their heads. Colorful clothes sway in front of us wrapping the big round backs of "mamies"; we see thousands of little fishes lying on the ground to dry before being sold in stalls along roadsides; colorful canoes dangle in the ocean, lulled gently by waves and painting a perfect picture.

Bizarre visit at a coffins laboratory where they produce coffins of different shapes. You have to enjoy the last journey of your life! This is a custom in vogue for the last decades here and we understand that death is not seen in a sad and dark way but is experienced with a completely different mood..

Senya Bereku. The Good Hope Fort, built by the Dutch in 1705, originally as a warehouse for the gold trade and only a few years later as a place to house slaves before boarding them for the Americas!

Cape Coast. Another colonial fort used by Dutch, Swedish, English... we visited the terrible cells where the slaves were kept, small cells that contained up to 200 people to deportation."

02 march Elmina (GHANA)

Early in the morning, when the sun does not heat up this land yet, we get lost among the sellers of fish in Elmina.

Elmina, a city like many other African ones on the Atlantic Ocean which in the past have been witness to a brutal cruelty...
I think of Auschwitz, I think of Phnom Penh, I think of Kigali and realize that, sometimes, history is not "magistra vitae" and man always finds himself repeating the same mistakes forever.

He humiliates another person, or destroys it internally in the name of a stupid ideal or of a religious belief or of a desire for supremacy. In those damned cells simple men were robbed of their souls and death began to be the only escape route, because if  you didn’t die of starvation and deprivation, you were forced to pass through the "door of no return". No name was more suitable for this small door, two feet high, because even with those last steps in their Africa, slaves had to be humiliated.
Stepping through that door were shipped to the New World, but a new world of old atrocities. Slavery era begins.

 03 march Kakum National Park (GHANA)

We reach Kakum National Park, a reserve not particularly rich in wildlife, if you do not consider the millions of insects, but its majestic and tall trees and dense vegetation definitely makes it very impressive.
Seven beautiful suspension bridges that allow you to make a "canopy walk" 30 feet above the ground making you enjoy a privileged view of the immense park.
Too bad that I hurt my ankle walking on this canopy... now it is very swollen and hurts...

When the sun disappears on the horizon and darkness engulf the whole landscape, we go with Richard and Prince to "Masomagor Platform Tree", a platform built on a tree 30 feet high where we spend the night.
We wanted a taste of life in the forest, and guided by our rangers, we grind a long way along steep paths lit only by the dim light of our torches.

Suddenly someone stops... the entire row slow down and soon we begin to feel pain on all our legs... we have ended up in an area of killer ants... every bite is very painful and no one is saved... we struggle to find a safer area to get rid of these unwelcome guests.

Shortly before arriving at our tree we stop, we turn off all the torches and we do lulled by the sounds of nature.

Pitch dark. A deafening concert of any kind of insect makes us feel so small in front of Mother Nature. It is a strange feeling... you feel almost as if the sky is collapsing on you...

We climb slowly on our tree and in our sleeping bags, repaired by old mosquito nets, we spend another exciting night to remember in Africa.

 04 march Kumasi (GHANA)

[Stefy]: "Bosumtwe Lake. Perhaps for the haze or for the light that flattened everything but this lake has not given me great emotions.
We leave right away and in two hours we drive the 38 km to Kumasi .
At the gates of the city we get stucked in a crazy traffic.

After leaving our backpacks in Sanbra Hotel, we walk along the Kejeta Market: messy, chaotic, huge; we visit Manhyia Palace, the palace of the Ashanti King.

We have a look at the inside museum: a series of old rifles with ornaments, gold rings, bracelets, huge statues of past kings with their mothers, old thrones and appliances of early century, so rare in a place like this...

We enter the market, the little shops are endless, full of fabrics with their tailors, cookware, beauty products, all kinds of clothing, spices... women with their babies strapped to their backs or with huge objects on the head, even water jerry cans... every woman was carrying something somewhere and busy they walked in that infinite chaos..."

[Rosy]: "Now I understand why when you came back from your travels in Africa you used to tell me only some anecdotes and used to say:: I can not describe it, you have to live it!"


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