19 september Hiroshima (JAPAN)

The ferry Kobee Line, in three hours leads us to Fukuoka! It was so comfortable that I wished  the trip would last longer. Same wish a few hours later when on the majestic "Shinkansen Hirari" we reach, in an hour, the city of Hiroshima.

This place is surprising and captivating us since the very beginning...

18 september Hiroshima (JAPAN)

[Stefy]: "This morning we take the train to the island of Miyajima, one of the main attractions of Japan. In five minutes we are before the O-Torii Gate that welcomes us with its majestic structure. We visit the Itsukushima-Jinja, a kind of temple founded at the end of the sixth century. Impressive the Senjo-Kaku, a colossal pavilion of 1600 enhanced by a five-storey pagoda in bright colors.

The whole island is inhabited by "omnivores" deer who eat everything... including our map!

We decide to go back to Hiroshima to visit the area of the "atomic bomb". We immediately notice the dome symbol of the devastation that hit this city and its inhabitants; now there is only the skeleton of the building and all around it is so quiet. We visit the Peace Park, the Cenotaph with all the names of the casualties; the flame of peace that will be turned off only when the last nuclear weapon in the world will be destroyed.
Next door is a monument dedicated to peace of children adorned with hundreds of colorful origami, cranes shaped, in memory of a 11 year old girl: Sadako Sasaki who, in 1955, became ill with leukemia and decided to build 1000 paper cranes, thinking to heal at the end of that... she  died shortly before... since then, many Japanese create colorful cranes shape origami to hang on the memorial.

Every man should pay a visit to this place because I doubt that anyone could still do such evil actions after that. The man can sometimes be so cruel that scares me.

Li Na is a Chinese girl who moved here 14 years ago. She has welcomed us into his house with extreme courtesy preparing us a  delicious dinner: soup with meatballs, onion and vegetables never seen before! "

19 september Osaka (JAPAN)

We enter the huge, chaotic and glittering Osaka.
We leave our backpacks at our lousy hotel (Hotel Diamond), Japanese-style room with futon 2 meters by 1.5 meters on the ground.

The "day pass" underground allows us to move anywhere without stress and give us the opportunity to wander around aimlessly!
The impressive castle of Osaka; from the top floor you have an opportunity to take a look at 360° to the entire city! Inside we observe, with wonder, the old samurai swords that reports us back in time to periods so far from today's hyper-technological Japan.

Umeda Sky Building. A modern "Arc de Triomphe" that looking too futuristic.
We meet the first older women wrapped in kimonos and, once again, our imagination and fantasy takes off again...

We reach the  highest "Ferris wheel" of the world but it’s getting late and we are so tired! We end up eating rice, meat and vegetables in a restaurant, kite sushi-style, in the JR Osaka.

Time to go back to the hotel? No way! The nightlife of Namba and Dotamburi has just begun... we can’t help tasting a dish of Takoyaki, octopus balls in batter, typical local dish!

20 september Nara (JAPAN)

[Stefy]: "A couple of hours by train and we are in Nara.
Our room will be ready only in the afternoon so we decide to reach directly the area of "Nara Koen", where the most important sites of this town from the old world charm are located!
We spend a great day! We visit the "Kufukuku-Ji", an impressive Buddhist temple carved from pagodas.
Everything around us seemed ancient and you had only to close your eyes for a bit to see that far away life relive beside us.

We have gone to the temples of Sangatsu and Nigatsu where we enjoyed a spectacular view of the city. We end our journey in Todai-Ji Temple to admire the famous "Big Buddha Daibutsu", one of the world's largest bronze statues, built in 746 AD, 16 meters high and consists of 130 kg of gold."

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