02 october Tokyo (JAPAN)

[Stefy]: "Tsukiji. We wander around the port area until 2:50 am. It is not very easy to access to this restricted area of the port of Tokyo and only a few people are allowed. That's why at three in the morning we are already in the queue to entry. In front of us there are already a dozen people.
An hour later we are in! We wear a fluorescent yellow jacket and await the call.

We can only enter at 5.30 and here before our eyes a sea of giant tuna, freshly caught and immediately frozen.
Many potential buyers check the huge fishes with big hooks, others practice a cut on the back to see the colour of the flesh, and ten minutes later the auction begins.

A little man climbs on a cash and, armed with a pen and paper, starts screaming incomprehensible things for us... The auction is open! The chanting increases tone and intensity and it is now also accompanied by bells. Buyers with a simple movement of hands, carry away tons and tons of magnificent blue fin tuna! "

[Stefy]: "Ueno. Once out of the subway station we get lost in the crowd of the market where they sell clothes, fresh fish, casino games... A deafening noise especially because of the inevitable casinos scattered everywhere in the city!


Asakusa. Beyond the "door of Thunder God Kaminarimon", we find ourselves in a tunnel of shops "Nakamise-Dori" to a large five-storey pagoda.
In "Senso-Ji" temple the golden statue of Kammon stands (Buddhist Goddess of Mercy)”.

03 october Tokyo (JAPAN)

[Stefy]: "Akihabara. Also referred as the "electricity city”, it is the super technological neighborhood in Tokyo. We dive into a world of lights, colors and videogames among skyscrapers with giant advertising of manga and animes! We go looking for a machine to take manga style pictures! I even try different types of clothes of cartoons like Sailor Moon etc.! I did not want to go away from there!

In the evening we reach the palace of the "Tokyo Metropolitan Government" and from the 45th floor we enjoy one of the most spectacular views!

An endless carpet of lights all around us...!

What a better way to say goodbye to such a magical city!"


04 october Tokyo (JAPAN)

Prepared the backpacks, we greet our new Japanese friends and head to Narita International Airport. From the bus we enjoy the latest looks at a Tokyo that slowly is getting ready for the evening... the first lights begin to color the sky and we are ready to board our plane to Cairns, Australia!

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