27 october Noumea (NEW CALEDONIA)

50° day trip

Here we are:  New Caledonia!
A piece of France in the Pacific Ocean!

Places change so much due to the simple domination of one nation or another.
You fly from an island to its neighbor one and everything is completely different. In particular, here, this aspect is very alive because the strong political weight that France still holds.

French tricolor is waving everywhere, next, more timid there is the colorful flag of Nouvelle Calédonie, license plates are French (with the final NC), you meet around more white people than  Melanesians and products in the supermarkets are all imported from France!

[Stefy]: "We are guested by Mathieu, an engineer couchsurfer from Paris who has moved here two years ago.

From our new friend’s house  you can enjoy a wonderful view over the city and the bay. We meet Angele, a girl from the Isle of Pines who works in Papua New Guinea!

They lead us on the top of one of the hills of the city to enjoy the sunset... so peaceful! "

28 october Isle of Pines (NEW CALEDONIA)

Despite not speaking a word of French, we soon catch a lift for Air Caledonie office, downtown. The office is full of people, even ‘cos you can not purchase tickets on line: what a mess!

We return home to pack our backpacks because we have another short flight!
Angele greets us quickly and, hitchhiking, we reach the domestic airport of Magenta from where we take off to Isle of Pines!

Thirty minutes flight, attached at the window, we admire the wonderful landscape from above.
It’s so weird because although it’s only 07.00 pm, outside it’s very dark.
Even the small airport is dimly lit.

The journey from the airport takes about 20 minutes and by the window we only see the silhouette of the famous pine of the island.
Gabi, the rough owner of the campsite where we will stay three days, welcomed us rather coldly.

We are just a few meters from the waves of the Pacific Ocean, a small light is the only one that illuminates our tent, we are the only "guests" in this camp away from everything, even him, he is returning to the city to his family... We are alone.

We are a bit worried... we eat what we have brought from Noumea, before leaving.

Just before holing up in our tent we do ten steps to the sea and we get speechless!
We had rarely seen a landscape like that. A crescent moon that reflects on the immense and majestic ocean...
The evening is cloudless, we are on a remote island in the Pacific and no lights... one of the few times that our hearts beat stronger before a natural landscape.
We go to sleep lulled, and a bit frightened too, by the sound of the waves!

29 october Isle of Pines (NEW CALEDONIA)

The day starts early on this small island... we can not wait to get out of our tent and go around.
The amazing landscape we admire from our beach takes your breath away.
We are at the center of a small bay, on our right a strip of white beach framed by a thousand of lush green pine trees, on the left a large rock that separates us from Kuto Bay.
The classical image of the remotest South Pacific beaches is in front of our eyes!

White sand, clear water, you can do snorkeling even without mask, clear sky, no noise except the small waves breaking on the coral and the singing of some happy bird. We are the only ones on the bay.


Just a few hours turn us into two castaways!


Here we are: sunburned, few food rations, one water bottle, "breaded" for the sand and with all our possessions dangling on the branches of a tree to dry.
We enjoy this day in the most Spartan way, wild and simple as possible...


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