22 april Copenaghen (DANMARK)

[Stefy]: “After two hours flight from Orio al Serio, we land in Copenhagen...

We are soon impressed by the huge numbers of bikes parked in front of the train station.

We get to our flat, booked on line, in 15 minutes walk.
It's few steps away from the city center.
All the central streets are quiet. People ride their bikes carrying a cart where children were carried away without complaint, boys play table tennis, basketball playgrounds in public along the way ... Copanhagen: what a nice city!

Back home we clean the house as if it were an episode of "sick of clean" ... There are cat hair everywhere, I would say not a nice welcome!



Now we are ready to sleep ... but first let's play with the Nintendo wii. So cool! "


23 april Copenhagen (DANMARK)

[Stefy]: “Today we head to the port of Nyhavn.

In a short distance there are two pier... Highly recommended the boat trip!

Later we went to the official residence of the Royal: Amalienborg, where every day at 12 the changing of the guard takes place.

Lunch at 7 Eleven and walk in the gardens of Rosenborg up to the famous Little Mermaid where we take some selfie and do our usual ballet ... this time with our friends!

Coming back to the center, we stop at various shops, above all at the most popular, of course, Lego!

Dinner at the "Rio Bravo" fairly disappointing and with a very bad service! However the Danish atmosphere has paid off everything!

24 april Copenhagen (DANMARK)

[Stefy]: "Near our apartment, about 1 km, there is the Carlsberg factory, we can't certainly miss an opportunity like this and experience one of the oldest breweries in Europe! We admire one of the largest collection of beers in the world, it includes, 22,583 different bottles!

After strolling around and tasting some beer we go and rent a bike for the afternoon.

We head to Christania, a self-managed neighborhood based on free love and drug use... in fact, as soon as we get there we meet a street full of little shops where jars full of weed were sold to passersby.


We decide to go and see Bella Sky, the largest hotel in Scandinavia ... luckily we had Federica, the architect of our group, otherwise we probably would have skipped it!
It's so great riding bybike here!

For dinner we find a great pub the "Burger Joint" where we eat a tasty burger!

It's been a really nice long weekend... but perhaps I should say, paraphrasing a jingle of Lego: Everything is awesomeeee!!! "


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