08 march Quito (ECUADOR)

[Stefy]: "We land at 1.40 am in Quito from Lima.

The family that will host us comes to pick us up at the airport despite the early hour!

We get at their home at 3:20 am and Edmundo, who speaks perfectly Italian, proposes us to spend the next day together...

we could go to Otavalo!

Cool... departure time 07.30 am! Four hours later!




09 march Quito (ECUADOR)

[Stefy]: “Otavalo is famous for its handicrafts market... it is a two-hour drive to the north and along the way we collect Ryan, an American guy, hosted by them a month earlier, he was now working as a volunteer, on a farm in the province of Iribarra .

The market is very quaint and we get lost among the colorful stands of fabrics and carved masks.

As a relaxing family trip we reach the lake Cuicocha: quite, peaceful and within a nature reserve. The day is hot and the clouds around the mountains create a perfect setting...

Edmundo invites us to have lunch at a traditional restaurant and we taste one of the national dishes: the fritada, ie a compound of small pieces of fried pork, potatoes, corn and plantains. Great!

In the late afternoon, we leave Ryan at his farm (towards the border with Colombia), we return to Quito where we conclude this day with a delicious Italian carbonara prepared to thank Edmundo, Jimena and little Jose Luis! "

10 march Quito (ECUADOR)

[Stefy]: "Today we wake up untimed! After so many days we needed it! In 15 minutes by bus we reach the Playon de Marin and from there the historic center of Quito.

In Plaza de Independencia we are attracted by the harmony of a band, we get closer and we witness the changing of the guard in front of the Palacio del Gobierno with the President who hails from the terrace!

Wandering around, we end up in one of the many restaurants for local and we eat a soup, a chicken in sauce with vegetables and rice and papaya paying just two dollars and a half...

A lady shows us an excellent "Fruteria" "Jugos de Sucre" behind Iglesia de la Compania de Jesus where we eat a good fruit salad and various natural juices of carrots and oranges.
That's why we love to be guided by locals. Just so you really know a place!

We walk all day without a goal, we stop where we it happenes and we enjoy this city from the colonial charm, with palaces with pastel colours and helpful and smiling people."

11 march Baños (ECUADOR)

The alarm sounds very early at Jimena’s, it’s 5.25 am but it’s the price to pay if you want to live in a quiet area on the outskirts of the capital and then work downtown!

The day is a bit gloomy and Quito, covered with a light mist, looks even more gloomy!

Three hours by bus southbound through mountain passes up to 3100 meters lead us in this small town not far from the Amazon rainforest where we will spend a few days relaxing.

Baños is a town of about 18,000 souls situated in an idyllic location in a valley with lush vegetation on the slopes of the volcano Tungurahua (5016 meters); at the beginning of  2000, this volcano has scared its inhabitants for the sudden heat that made them fear an imminent eruption!

[Stefy]: "Our gastronomic tour begins... we stroll through the city and we enter into the various shops to taste many local delights as the famous "alcochas", a toffee whose dough is kneaded and softened while is hung on a wooden nail out of the shop, very characteristic.

Lonely Planet advises us to visit: "Ponche Suizo", a flavored eggnog drink whose recipe is kept secret by the owner’s grandfather since 1952.... Delicious.
Later we try to relax in the spa of the town... "




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