26 june Moscow (RUSSIA)

[Stefy]: “We had been talking about a little trip with our parents for so long… here we are now heading to Russia!

We get to Moscow at 03.00 pm and one hour later, by AreoExpress, up to Belorusskaya metro station, the adventure begins...

Metro station is huge, there is the longest escalator in the world, decorated ceilings, beautiful mosaics and huge chandeliers above us... hundreds and hundreds of people going up and down... hundreds but no one spoke a word of English!

Our hotel is right on Arbat Street (Bulgakov Mini-Hotel) where the sweet Tania is waiting for us”.


27 june Moscow (RUSSIA)

[Stefy]: “Today the sky is not the best, we head, accompanied by a light drizzle, to the Red Square.
We pass along the western wall of the Kremlin, we immerse ourselves in the gardens of Alexandrovsky, past the tomb of the Unknown Soldier where we witness the changing of the guard.

A few steps further east and here we are in front of one of the most photographed place in the world...  
In front of us the Cathedral of St. Basil, characterized by an architecture of magical forms and colors, it looks like a giant house of fairy tales, similar to a marzipan.

We find the Cathedral of Kazan, the Mausoleum of Lenin, the State Historical Museum.

Along the length of the square is the northeastern Shopping Centre for excellence, GUM, once there were only long queues to see empty shelves, now, instead there are over 1,000 stores with important signatures!  

The afternoon is dedicated to visiting the Kremlin.

We pass in front of the cannon and the bell of the Tsar and Tsarina, we enter into three cathedrals, the Assumption, Archangel and Annunciation... it’s really unique with beautiful icons and giant frescoes.  

Dinner at MY MY, a self-service restaurant where you can find everything from salads to meat \ fish, from pancakes to sweet jam and spend not very much”.

28 june St Petersburg (RUSSIA)

[Stefy]: “Today the alarm clock is at 5 am, we have to reach Leningradsky train station...

After four hours by Sapsan, we get to St Petersburg and by the bus 181 we reach our hotel "Dom Dostoevskogo", very nice, overlooking the canal, with a good breakfast, in Sennaya area, famous because Dostoyeski himself lived in our same building.

In the afternoon we visit the Cathedral of Nikolsky, colored blue and white. It's called the Church of the Sailors, really impressive, and definitely deserves a visit.”


29 june St Petersburg (RUSSIA)

[Stefy]: “The next day we walk up to the statue of the Bronze Horseman, which stands in front of the St Isaac's Cathedral and while our parents scour the inside, we decide to go on the Colonnade where we can admire a stunning 360° view over the city.

Here we continue towards Nevsky street, the main road in St. Petersburg.


In the afternoon we pass in front of Kazan Cathedral that reminds us of our St. Peter in Rome, and after a walk in the market of souvenirs we sit in a park in front of the most famous church in the city: the Church of the Saviour or also called the Blood poured out because there, in 1881, Alexander II was mortally wounded by a grenade”.

30 june St Petersburg (RUSSIA)

[Stefy]: “Last day in St.Petersburg, today we will visit the museum par excellence: the Hermitage, if I can give you some advice for the ticket:  go and buy them at the machines that are immediately at the entrance on the right, you will avoid a huge queue!

If interested, give a 'look at' this article about the Hermitage.
Just a note: a few months ago they moved the masterpieces of the Impressionists, post-impressionists, Russian avant-garde art in the building beyond the Palace Square, just in front of the Winter Palace.

After lunch we go for a boat trip along the city's canals.
Last evening in this wonderful city, here is even more evident the midnight sun... I'd say that wearing the sunglasses at night is priceless! This is the time of the year called: "White Nights".

01 july Moscow (RUSSIA)

[Stefy]: “We are ready at 5.30 am to reach Moskovsky railway station to Moscow by Sapsan.

 Today there is a beautiful sun and since it is the last day, we try to enjoy it fully!


We visit the Armoury, located inside of the Kremlin, and we remain enchanted by the magnificence that we find, huge gems, gold, silver, important clothes, carriages... you can't miss it!

We see one last time the Red Square, the kaleidoscopic St. Basil and, after our classical ballet, we are ready to greet the Russian Federation, the largest state of the planet!

What a great gift to share such a trip with our parents... to be honest they have been smarter than many in their twenties!

.... now time to plan another one, "guys"?


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