14 february Lima (PERU')

[Stefy]: "A long daytime flight, via Madrid, brings us to the capital of this wonderful country of the Andes! Fifteen kilometers through its chaotic streets and squares packed with lovers holding heart-shaped balloons or huge and bulky stuffed animals.

Even in Lima is Valentine's Day!
People everywhere, along every street, crowding all the bars!
Our first night in Peru!"

15 february Lima (PERU')

[Stefy]: "Early in the morning we begin our visit to Lima. The center is resting after the night of revelry just passed!
Many colonial churches by the antique charm, here is the Church of San Francisco, dating back to the sixteenth century and containing a series of very sinister catacombs.

We are just in time to see the changing of the presidential guard in the Plaza de Armas. Also retains a flavor of a bygone time!

Time to reorganize the backpacks that we move to the Anthropological Museum ... right in front there is a small  fair... we can not miss an opportunity like this and here is the first "pisco sour" ... the first of a long series...

Before continuing our journey to Paracas, we stop in the Miraflores district for a relaxing walk in one of the trendiest places in the capital! "

16 february Nazca (PERU')

We embark at 8:00 from Paracas to discover the Ballestas Islands, even called “Little Galapagos”, located off the city of Pisco.

I did not expect a such amazing show! Colonies of sea lions and fur seals resting lazily on small pebble beaches with no age or on prehistoric rock wedges of algae and guano.
Majestic flocks of cormorants flying in every direction...

The sky was a blinding blue, the rare white clouds make our photos even more picturesque...

animal sounds, their smells kidnap us and make us imagine the first explorers of old sailing ships, driven by the desire to discover, sailed from distant ports to unknown lands!

We return at Paracas Embarcadero while a group of dolphins greets us not far from our boat...

An hour later we run on dune buggy in the hot Huacachina desert...
The pilots of these off-road buggy are really crazy! You used to rise on huge sand dunes and when you thought you had reached the maximum of emotions here that the descent began, between the cries of my fellow travelers and strokes back recoil!

We can even do surf on sand dunes: great! Cool experience!

The strong experiences are not yet destined to finish for today! The twisting of the stomach is just begun! After the waves of the sea and the dunes of the desert, the immensity of the sky is waiting for us!

Three-hour journey along a moonscape background disturbed only by the tongue of the gray asphalt of the Panamericana, brings us to the doors of Nazca.
Shortly after, on board a Cessna 102, we leave the runway toward the first of a dozen figures by the mysterious charm.

Here's the whale! Unbelievable what behind these lines, by the indefinite age, lies! It seems that Incas had great scientific knowledge... these lines remain, nowadays, one of the thousand mysteries of the world!
The flight is quite challenging and our stomach is torn again!

But it's time to relax a little bit and we spend the evening walking along the main street of this small and serene town!

17 february Arequipa (PERU')

We expect ten hours transfer today, which soon will become twelve because of various unexpected unforeseen: at first a convoy of eight trucks moving forward as exceptional transport.... then the miners who come from various copper mines whose area is so rich...

Along the 572 km that separate Arequipa from Nazca along the Panamerican Highway, I was very impressed by the hundreds of crosses on the roadside...
It's a quite dangerous road, unprotected and without guard rails, no lighting, through rocky hills and with many tight and discontinuous corners...
How many souls this famous road have stolen...

Arequipa welcomes us with the comings and goings of a serene evening of Shrove Tuesday, we have dinner at ''Arequipay" and we taste a great "saltado de alpaca".

I'm exhausted and soon collapse in bed!



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