25 february Uyuni (BOLIVIA)

[Stefy]: "We get to Uyuni at 06.00 am when it starts to dawn and the town is completely deserted. We find everything closed, it looks like a Wild West scene!
We stop to have breakfast while the city slowly begins to awaken:  children go to school in uniform, the first banquet craft or spice appear, everything starts to come alive...

A little later we are at the edge of our Jeeps ready to live this further unforgettable experience!

Train cemetery. Abandoned wagons along a rusty railroad, witnesses of a bygone era!


At last we move to the Salares! The light is blinding, like being in an enchanted world! We set foot on the ground and our shoes are filled with water and salt...

...cameras get crazy! Glare and clouds on water created some very impressive view!

We are delighted and we stay until sunset... the sun goes down and tinges all with red, yellow, violet... everything is reflected and confuses us...

We return to our camp of salt, I mean it, it  consists of salt bricks, even the bed and chairs are made of salt! We are very tired!"


26 february Laguna Colorada (BOLIVIA)

[Stefy]: “We start at dawn inbound the Desert de Siloli at 4800 meters!

Here is the Laguna Cañapa and the first pink flamingos...

Laguna Honda with its quarries of borax.

We spend all morning between surreal landscapes... we stop into the wild while our drivers prepare a great lunch that we enjoy with pleasure!

We continue the walk through boundless and magical spaces until we get to the Arbol de Piedra, natural sculptures between high wacky shaped rocks!

"The roots are important in the life of a man, but we men have the legs, not the roots, and the legs are made to go elsewhere."

- Pino Cacucci -

In the afternoon we arrive at the Laguna Colorada where our eyes are literally kidnapped by the red color, the stripes of borax in the background and pink brushstrokes appear on this perfect picture… then dozens of elegant flamingos!

There’s a strong cold wind, we decide to move to our new camp, even more spartan than the one of yesterday but it does not matter!"

27 february Uyuni (BOLIVIA)

The dusty roads leads us, even when it dawns, at the discovery of the last treasures of this part of southern Bolivia.
Teodoro, the driver, taming our jeep and, along yet another amazing lagoon shows us, in the distance, high vapor sprayed into the sky.

There is a great smell of sulfur and the scenery is picturesque. These geysers, these fumes that come out of the ground, almost like the breath of a giant when it's cold outside... and it's really cold outside, it’s been several days since we last have descend below 4000 meters and it seems that our physicists are quite accustomed!


Not so far, the background changes again, almost as they were skimming a photo album with thousands of different images taken in distant places!

Suddenly immense sand dunes adorned with gigantic rocks features... almost like falling from the sky disorderly: Rocas de Dali, so named because they had inspired the famous Spanish painter.

Someone relaxes a bit in Polques thermal waters, soaking at 38° before reaching the Laguna Catal!
Teodoro is very keen to show us this enchanted place! A real Eden! Llamas and donkeys grazing peacefully while various species of birds fly happily on this fantastic lagoon!
But our goal is more than eight hours drive on rough road! Back to Uyuni, but only for a few hours, we will travel all night long, by bus, to the city of La Paz!




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