28 february La Paz (BOLIVIA)

[Stefy]: "After a whole night of travel, at dawn we enter the outskirts of this town!

From Plaza de España we take the cable car and climb on, on and on, where we enjoy a wonderful view of La Paz, the only city where the slums are at the top and the wealthy people down.

On arrival, we welcome a political parade where we see men and women dressed in white and blue, the colors of the propaganda! Women in local clothes with black bowler hat askew held in balance by some kind of magic.

We change the area and we go to a show seen earlier by taxi. Here we are between banquets selling dresses of Barbie or miniature products; women who cooked meat and potatoes on the grill; many seers who cast out evil eye... it’s true that wandering aimlessly takes you to unexpected and quaint places! "

01 march Puno (PERU')

Before leaving this country that, in a few days, has given us some unforgettable experience, we stop at the archaeological site of Tiwanaku.
The evocative ruins are the symbol of the homonymous civilization that even preceded Inca’s one!
Kalasasaya, a space almost square of about 125 meters on each side of the stone walls symbolizing the sky at the center of which the monolith "Ponce" stands which is a figure of an important God Viracocha!

Not far away there is Desaguadero, the border between Bolivia and Peru.
Chaos as usual as in all the borders, however, in less than no time we board another bus headed to Puno!

We take the opportunity to enjoy this city without the carnival mess of the previous days!
The Cathedral is impressive and seems to watch strictly on the Plaza de Armas.
Jiron Lima is always busy and it is a pleasure to walk around without  aim!

Puno by night seems a big crib, a thousand small houses without plaster, perched on several hills and dimly lighted.
A good dish of roasted alpaca and two jump at "Positive bar" to end yet another day of travel!

02 march Cuzco (PERU')

The landscape before your eyes, on the way to Cuzco, is impressive!

We are at 4300 meters above sea level.
A bored cow grazes in a small cemetery; an old woman with a bowler hat and a multicolor shawl returns home loading on the shoulders freshly washed clothes in the stream; the white walls of the sparse houses invite to vote "Victor" as "Alcalde" in the upcoming elections; a herd of llamas tastes fresh grass still wet from the shower rain of the night just past; some stray dogs roam undisturbed...

Rio Urubamba, brown and impetuous, escorts us along the way; majestic mountains 6000 meters high leave us lick their feet; the landscape changes again, the clouds clear, some timid ray of sunshine filter, even the river seems to be calmed down... now they invite you to vote: "Cornejo"!

Pukara, a very delicious pueblo with an ancient square in front of the simple and austere cathedral.

At almost 4,400 meters above sea level, we stop at "Raya", a natural mirador from which you have a breathtaking view of this Andean scenery.
A little girl in traditional clothes approaches us taken by her llama.

Andhahuaylillas surprises us with its baroque church called the Sistine Chapel of Peru.
It's fascinating the idea that in a remote village in Peru they have built a church so full of wonderful frescoes!

Huaro is a clear example of religious syncretism, a meeting of Catholic and pagan popular beliefs.

Finally we arrive in Cuzco!



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