26 november Rundu (NAMIBIA)

[Stefy]: "Early departure and after some time we get to the border with Namibia. The background suddenly changes: the green prairies of Botswana are replaced by the villages of huts; naked children who come to see these strange trucks greeting us with huge and sincere smiles... our destination is Rundu, a village along the Okavango River and in front of Angola ...

Mark bargains for a boat, we quickly set our tents and soon later we sail again the waters of this mythical river!

It is late afternoon, the clouds turn yellow, then orange, purple, red... along the bank of the river we see scenes of everyday life: groups of women who do laundry, children dive and swim regardless of the danger of crocodiles, two men, completely soaped, relax themselves soaking...

...on the shore of Angola, a half-dozen of little girls, singing a religious song, welcome us...

we get down the boat, we are in Calai, Angola, and we admire this special and magical sunset! "

27 november Halali (NAMIBIA)

[Stefy]: "Having replenished the galley, we head to the Etosha National Park... we spend several hours wandering around the park looking for animals... we see herds of zebra, impala, wildebeest, oryx, giraffes, gazelles, jackals and even three rhinos... "

Before the sun sets we've assembled our tents... there are those who prepare dinner, those who assemble the chairs and table, someone is writing her trip journal, someone lights the fire, who fills the water bottles, who coordinates with the drivers the itinerary for the following day... there is great harmony and you can breathe it!

With a starry sky that seems to fall on you... we go back into our tents to rest, tomorrow we expect another departing at dawn... as usual here!


28 november Onankali (NAMIBIA)

[Stefy]: "We spend the whole morning strolling inside the Etosha NP on board of our two trucks; we get to Etosha Pan, a saline depression of 5000 sq km arisen 12 million years ago; It reminds me of the Bolivian Salares.
The temperature is nearly 44°C and the heat is really torrid... we see few animals, with these temperatures they seek shelter as they can..."

In the late afternoon we begin the long journey that will take us to Epupa Falls... the sun is almost setting when we stop at Onankali, a small village in the middle of nowhere, we see an old sign that says "lodge", just a small courtyard with four huts with mud walls... we agree the price with Mrs. Pauline and we set our camp... the lady is keen to specify that we can only use a bathroom inside the huts... after seeing it we decided to do it in the open air!

There is a small bar next to our "lodge" (Africans sometimes use big sounding words!) ... At least we can drink something cool tonight!

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